flamingoBABY Kitchen
flamingoBABY Kitchen


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Reviews (2)

  • Catered dinner?

    Not sure what cuisine your interested in or date. However, if Southern/Caribbean fusion is of interest, you should check out flamingoBaby Kitchen on Union/6th. You could give them a call as they don’t have a website yet, they are new. Their food is delicious!
  • Great new restaurant

    Flamingo Baby Kitchen on 787 Union near 6th Avenue has a wonderful and extensive menu of Caribbean and American Southern food. Everything my spouse and I have tasted there is delicious, especially the cast-iron skillet cornbread! The owner is following in the footsteps of two generations of male professional chefs: this is a woman-owned, black-owned business. I'm not affiliated with the restaurant in any way. I do live on a nearby block, and it's become our go-to eat-out on a cold night restaurant.