Fig Tree Hebrew School
Fig Tree Hebrew School


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Reviews (4)

  • Belated Thank You for MTG party space ideas

    Fig Tree on Union Street has small classroom spaces that would be great for this and you can bring in pizza and cake:
  • Hebrew school suggestions needed!

    For what it's worth, we have LOVED Fig Tree. I can't believe how lucky we are to have found this perfect Hebrew School. The lessons are so thoughtful and interesting (I love reading their weekly email summaries). My son looks forward to going to class and has learned so much (as have I). The program has really helped develop his Jewish in identity, which I was struggling to do on my own (we are an interfaith family). Fig Tree also offers community events for the major holiday and Shabbat potlucks, which we have attended and enjoyed. It is truly a brilliant program, and I highly, highly recommend. I only wish they had more classes for adults!
  • First birthday party locations?

    We hosted our daughter's birthday party (brought in catering) at the Fig Tree on Union and 5th Avenue. It was a great space for family, friends and lots of kids (we had about 45 people total).
  • Shout out - Fig Tree Hebrew School

    I just wanted to post to recommend my daughter's fantastic, independent hebrew School - She started as a 4th grader with no previous hebrew school attendance, and after a year has a wonderful sense of her jewish identity (and a beginning understanding of hebrew, including reading and basic vocabulary!) There is a lovely social action component as well, which we really value. It's an incredibly inclusive and warm atmosphere with multiple locations and times, and we have no affiliation beyond a happy student family.