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Fernando Vazquez



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  • Bathroom Renovations - Contractor Recommendation

    I haven’t been active on PSP in a long time but felt compelled to post a message for a contractor, who has been phenomenal over the last few years. Fernando and his brother specialize in bathrooms but have done some other (generally related) work for us too. Here is his contact info and some background, which I hope will help you decide whether he may be a great fit for you too: Fernando Vazquez (347) 934-1463 We bought a house in PLG ~4 years ago and have been serially renovating bathrooms, which all needed to be gutted down to the joists/studs. At this point, Fernando and his brother have renovated four bathrooms for us! Some photos below. I provided tiles, fixtures and general instructions about finishes and did not need meaningful design help, which I recognize can be a large part of the services offered by more expensive services/contractors. They have been professional and reliable. Fernando typically schedules jobs two weeks in advance. The charges are very reasonable— to give you some idea think a bit more than $10k for a bathroom and not $25k or $50k. He’s also been flexible and not padded bills/haggled when the scope of work has changed during the job, for example when my spouse unexpectedly requested towel warmers (x2) and a wet room/separate shower. The quality of the work is very good: friends who are licensed electricians, architects and contractors have reviewed/inspected work in process and finished jobs. They have all been impressed. Given how much work we have done renovating generally, I’d also consider myself a good judge of the quality. I hired them based on a PS friend’s recommendation and didn’t have to worry about a coop board, etc., so I do not know whether they are insured/licensed. I’d guess that they are not (sorry).