Farm and Wilderness Summer Camps
Farm and Wilderness Summer Camps


Mission and Programs:

Guided by the Quaker belief that the Light of the Spirit is present in every person and the belief that people working together can create a more just and humane society, the Farm & Wilderness Foundation sponsors year-round experiences for children and adults that emphasize the building of community through the values of cooperation, simplicity, responsibility, empathy, spirituality, and service.  We are a 501(c)3 non-profit foundation.

During the summer, F&W operates five residential camps and a day-camp, serving children ages 4-17. Each camp has a slightly different program orientation, and serves a different population and age group. At the end of each summer, F&W offers a Family Camp so that all members of the family can experience the F&W magic.

From September to May, F&W operates as an organic farm, offering a variety of educational experiences for community groups, school groups and our residential interns (age 18 and up.)

Each of F&W’s programs share the following common programmatic themes:

Challenging Wilderness Experiences

Wilderness trips are an integral part of the Farm & Wilderness experience. In small groups, F&W youth explore New England’s mountains, rivers and rock faces in a spirit of adventure, cooperation and community. From local hikes to week-long canoe expeditions in Canada, trips are a vital and memorable part of the F&W experience.

Organic Farms and Gardens

Activities at F&W are rooted in our relationship to the land. Through interactions with animals and gardens, F&W seeks to expand awareness of the beauty and value of the natural world around us, as well as of a tangible connection to the food we eat.

Living in Community

The essence of F&W has always been about learning to live in groups, often made up of individuals different from ourselves. We practice listening skills, work productively together, and resolve conflict nonviolently.

Life of the Spirit

By offering time and space for quiet reflection and worship, we encourage campers and staff to build their spiritual life within their own traditions. Acknowledging and supporting the life of the spirit within each of us is central to our values and the health of our communities.

Homegrown Arts, Dance and Music

There are no televisions at F&W, no CD players and no MP3s-—only the sounds of voices joined in song and instruments from well-tuned fiddles to pots and pans. We make our own fun, from wacky art projects to old-time New England contra dances with our very own band of campers and staff. Here, children can learn to express themselves in ways often forgotten in this too-busy world.

Reviews (8)

  • Day camps in NY, CT, or MA

    If you're open to VT, check out Barn Day Camp! I can't imagine a more beautiful and idyllic setting. They take kids on a one-night overnight, which is a good way to introduce them to the idea of sleepaway camp. The Farm & Wilderness sleepaway camps are a natural extension of BDC and amazing in themselves. My kids went to both. My younger son spent an extra year at BDC before he was ready for sleepaway--but even then they have shorter sessions for first-time campers. Note there are "camperships" available.
  • Great overnight camp for non-sporty kid who loves Camp Halfblood?

    My 11 year old son loves Farm and wilderness in Vermont. He did the Timberlake camp . I believe there are a bunch of brooklyn / nyc families at the camp
  • Good "trans-friendly" overnight camps for trans and cis kids?

    Another vote for Farm & Wilderness/Timberlake! One of my kids is a musical theater geek, the other sports obsessed, and they're both equally at home there. One of my younger son's counselors this past summer identified as nonbinary and used "they/them" pronouns.
  • Good "trans-friendly" overnight camps for trans and cis kids?

    Another huge, huge fan of Farm and Wilderness! It's Quaker-based in terms of values, although not religious (Christian). My children have been attending the last four summers and I spent ten summers there myself as a camper, assistant counselor, counselor, and camp nurse. They pay tons of attention to being gender-inclusive in their langugage and the boys' camp describes itself as "boys and gender non-binary." My children have had counselors every summer who were gender-diverse. my younger child appeared to be trans for a couple of years and so I think I can relate to some of your concerns... though she no longer appears to be on that road right now. I love this place with all my heart!
  • Review from the 2021 Summer Camp Survey

    Name of camp: Farm and wilderness Location: Vermont How old was your child when they attended camp this summer? 10 Review: Great values. My son made friends. The counselors are lovely. The staff is responsive. The property is majestic. The camp facilities are authentic (no electricity in cabins). Very healthy food. My son had so much fun and was very active. Farm to table. No screens. Lots of singing. Freedom with a supportive scaffolding. Would you like to add anything related to COVID and how the camp handled it? They were prepared, serious about precautions and testing.
  • Summer camp recos

    Check out Indian Brook. It is the girls camp in the Farm & Wilderness “family” of camps. My boys go to Timberlake the boys camp. And in my experience as a past overnight camper and parent of campers, solo is a good way to go. Good luck - there are lots of great camps out there! (December 2019)
  • Summer camp recos

    I highly recommend Farm and Wilderness. They are Quaker run...not competitive. They believe in focusing on personal best. There are NO competitive sports. Very inclusive and community focused. They have an all girls camp and all boys. It is in Vermont. My son was the happiest in his life when he was there! (December 2019)
  • Review from 2015 Summer Camp Survey

    Age of Child: 8 Likes: This was the 2nd year my boys were at BDC. Last year they were 7 and 8, (now 8 and 9) and they fell in love with it. The community is wonderful, and the camp focuses a lot on the values of community--contributing to and giving back. Campers do "work projects" like taking care of animals, painting benches, turning compost into soil; they visit the art/nature/outdoor living skills areas; they swim at the lake (instructional and free swim); and they choose from activities such as digging holes, making lip balm from natural ingredients, batiking, crab soccer...There is a lot of singing and time for both high energy and being quiet in beautiful surroundings. All campers go on a one-night overnight; 9-10-year-olds can do a two-night overnight. Definitely back-to-the-land, simple pleasures. What would you change? Nothing! Would you send your child(ren) again? Yes Do you recommend? Highly recommend Do you have any other information to add? Don't be turned off when you hear that F&W day camp and overnight camps are popular with Park Slopers. This summer my kids became friendly with kids from different local schools--we met families we might never have met back here, where it's hard to break out of your own school community.