Eyes on the Slope
Eyes on the Slope


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Reviews (6)

  • Best place for glasses for a little kid?

    For the bifocals (which are what she really needs), we went to Eyes on the Slope on 7th Ave, which has a good selection of kids frames. Both the frames and the lenses were more expensive than Warby Parker, but I was willing to spend the money because the lenses were more complicated. Also, I think they make the lenses in house, and are a family owned business that has been in the neighborhood for ages.
  • Eyeglasses donation?

    Most eyeglass stores have a dropbox - I know Eyes on the Slope has one (7th Ave btw Carroll/Garfield)
  • ISO: Good Kid's Glasses Store

    Eyes on the Slope (7th Ave and Garfield) has been great. We purchased Miraflex frames there for our 3 year old a bit over a year ago. Her eye doctor was very happy with the way they cut our daughter's bifocal lenses and they've made three different lenses over the past year as her prescription keeps getting adjusted. They also had some really cute frames for bigger kids that we're looking forward to trying out once our daughter gets a little bit older.
  • Re: OT- ISO: Recommendations for Eyeglasses Shops

    I’ve been a huge fan and steady customer of Eyes on the Slope for a really long time, and they have stood the test of time inthe neighborhood. Lots of great frame selections, but most importantly, the lenses are always done very well, I’ve never had quality issues with their lab as I have in other places. The folks that work there offer great help selecting frame styles that fit your face best.
  • Re: ISO: Prescription Glasses: Store or Online

    I go to "Eyes on the Slope" on 7th Ave & Garfield for my physical eye exams.
  • (no subject)

    We wound up going to Eyes on the Slope on Union. They had a tremendous selection and possibly the nicest sales staff. Plus, they have a full snack bar at the back (seriously) for the kids, including beers for the adults. Here's the downside, the glasses there are expensive. I mean, really. But after my initial shock about the price coupled with the urgency I felt in getting my daughter glasses, the salesperson took pity on me and went out of his way to present me with all options, telling me where else in the neighborhood to shop, making me aware of upcoming specials, and--yes--giving me a beer. (November 2011)