Expecting NYC - Kristy Zadrozny, Rachel Lieber, Ziki Dekel
Expecting NYC - Kristy Zadrozny, Rachel Lieber, Ziki Dekel


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  • Expecting NYC

    With all of the NYC doula services I would recommend avoiding them. We have had a pretty awful experience. They recommended an apprentice doula. We knew she would have less experience, but because we would be having a c-section (breech birth) we figured that less experience would be fine, as we needed the support primarily for postpartum services. . The woman was lovely, but had no skills. She didn't know how to swaddle, couldn't recommend a pump, wasn't able to refer us to a lactation consultant, kept pressuring us to have hand expression when we asked for pump recommendations, and came to her pre-visit unprepared and every visit at least 45 minutes late. We haven't heard from her since the c-section, and when I called Kristy (her supervisor) to express our frustration she was very flippant and said that she (Kristy) could have come out for a lactation consultant. I was stunned that was an option that wasn't mentioned before as we had spent a fair amount of money on other lactation consultants. . We would have gladly paid double to price to get the support in the days after birth to navigate the first days afterward. In sum, go somewhere else.
  • [PSP Spring 2016 Babies] Birth doula recommendation?

    Ours were great too. We used Expecting NYC ( I'm not sure what their vacation policy is, but there are two doulas who trade off the on-call days, but do the pre-natal visits together so you are comfortable with them both. Kristy has more doula experience and Rachel has more lactation consultant background, but they're both great. I loved that they were with us for pre, during, and post-natal support, and they throw in a pregnancy massage, which was amazing.
  • Review submitted via the 2016 Birth Survey

    Ziki Dekel - acupuncture to induce. Full disclosure he is a personal friend but specializes in fertility and pre-natal acupuncture and really knows his stuff. Based on Nov 2016 Birth Experience
  • ISO Doula for 12/27 Due Date?

    I loved my doulas from Expecting NYC ( There are two doulas, lots of experience, and talked about clients with a wide range of pain management options. I have no idea what their availability is, but their office is near Union Square and they travel to you for most things, except the pre-natal massage, which is an amazing bonus feature :)
  • Review for Kristy Zadrozny/Rachel Lieber

    My husband and I were a little ambivalent about getting a doula because of the cost and uncertainty as to whether we wanted to invite a stranger to our birth. Boy am I grateful we decided to hire a doula and doubly glad that the doulas hired were Kristy Zadrozny and Rachel Lieber of Expecting NYC. From the minute we met them through the post-partum period they have both been exceptionally supportive, unbiased, knowledgeable, smart, affirmative and available. They are like the sisters you wish you had. They work as a team and between them have attended tons of births, so you benefit from all of the experience they've collected and each brings a different energy and perspective. Both Rachel and Kristy were available to me by phone when my "birth plan" was thrown off course due to an induction and they really helped me move passed some difficult feelings about this to accept and be hopeful about the new course of action. Rachel was on-call when I was induced and, wow, what a trooper. I don't know how she stayed so calm, rational, kind and focused in what ended up being a 41-hour labor for which she was present 35 hours! She was nothing short of amazing and I feel quite certain that without her presence I would have ended up with a c-section rather than a vaginal birth. My husband was so happy to have Rachel there - he couldn't have shouldered that alone. Several members of the hospital staff pointed out how impressed they were with Rachel. After the birth, both Rachel and Kristy made several house calls to help me with breast-feeding (they are both CLCs as well!). The pragmatic help with feeding was awesome, but again, it was more their loving care in a time when most new mothers are secretly or overtly losing it that made the big difference. Kristy and Rachel are excellent across the board.
  • Birth Survey 2012

    Review Date: April 2012 REVIEW: Kristy was AMAZING. I had a very complicated birth and she is a huge reason I was able to have a vaginal birth. She was so supportive and amazing through the whole labor process and respected how I wanted to experience to go, and she never once tried to push her beliefs on me. I also had an emergency D&C for my placenta after our daughter's birth and she was a great support to my husband during that time. I tell everyone I know how fantastic she was. INSURANCE ISSUES: My insurance did not cover doulas.
  • (no subject)

    We used Kristy Zadrozny and loved her. Her number is 646-265-2590. She's also a massage therapist, which was great! (Feb 2012)
  • (no subject)

    I had a fabulous doula who helped my husband and me through a complicated delivery of our daughter. She is also a massage therapist and a lactation consultant. Her name is Kristy Zadrozny and her email is (November 2011)
  • (no subject)

    Another shout out for Kristy Zadrozny! We're just a few weeks away, so I can't tell you how she is in the delivery room, but I'm sure she'll be great! Until then, she's a great massage therapist. I'm excited that she's a lactation consultant too. My fiance wasn't convinced that we needed a doula and now he's her biggest fan! (November 2011)