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  • Dog boarding for longer period of time

    We also have used Eva’s many times over the years. Our dog just hops in the van like “see ya!” at this point - LOVES it. They are very caring and have reached out during the stay for several minor health concerns like dropping weight and a little cut here and there. The longest we’ve stayed there is 2.5 weeks but I would be very comfortable booking longer. IMO they’re the best camp option w several pick up/drop off locations across Brooklyn.
  • Dog boarding for longer period of time

    We've also used Eva's for the past 5+ years and love it. We do not allow our dog off leash and I was concerned that in their large outdoor area she would run away, but there were never any issues. Seems like with the other 60 dogs there she wanted to stay with the pack.
  • Dog boarding for longer period of time

    We’ve used Eva’s a few times a year for the past 5 years and absolutely love them! It’s great to see photos daily of our dog happily frolicking in meadows and ponds, and the van drop off/pick up is super convenient. Highly recommend.
  • Dog boarding for longer period of time

    We use Eva's. They pick up and drop off our dog from a corner near our house-- they have stops all over the neighborhood. They post regular dumps of photos of all the dogs to social media, and our dog always looks ecstatic. When they drop him off, he always seems a little disappointed to be home. Highly recommend!
  • recommendations for dog boarding?

    Eva’s playpups is wonderful. We’ve been sending our dogs there for years. They pick up in Brooklyn and drive to a farm in Pennsylvania
  • camp dog boarding

    I usually send my dogs , a 1 year old medium size mutt and a 5 years old Australian Shepard to Eva’s play pup or Town and country pet boarding
  • dog boarding recommendations

    Not local, but we used Eva's Play Pups/Countryside Dog Camps for our German Shepherd, and it's been a game-changer. Sounds similar to Country Dog Boarding, and they also have lots of local pick-ups at times that are convenient for us. They are great with communication and post pics and videos of all the dogs daily on Facebook too, so you can check up!
  • Vacations for dogs

    We've used Eva's Play Pups (they pick up in multiple locations and take dogs to a PA farm). Everything went smoothly. Eva used to have a Williamsburg boarding location and moved it to more spacious PA.
  • Fwd: [Fall2013Babies] Dog Kennels?

    I can also recommend Eva's Play Pups, but she's in Greenpoint/Williamsburg. She has an amazing farm in Pennsylvania, however, so if you're feeling indulgent you could send your dog there for the weekend. Our dog loves it. :) [BG]
  • ISO: Dog walking services

    We’ve used Eva’s Play Pups since they opened over 10 years ago. I can’t recommend them enough.
  • Re: ISO Cat Sitter Recommendations (for Center Slope)

    We've been very happy with Eva's Play Pups
  • Re: Early-Morning Dogwalker for Offleash Hours?

    I actually want to 2nd Eva's play pups. We started using Eva when we got our choc lab almost 10 years ago before she had her indoor facilities. Her off leash service is amazing and we have used her doggy day care for years along with the overnight service. I think they still may be the only service in BK that stay overnight with the dogs. Then, years ago she started to take some dogs to her place in PA when her over night service during the holidays was getting so booked up. She now has that service expanded on weekends and holidays where dogs run around in acres of fenced in yard in a beautiful area of PA.
  • Re: Early-Morning Dogwalker for Offleash Hours?

    Just wanted to recommend Eva's Play Pups for anyone who is interested in this service. They are a doggie-daycare group in Williamsburg and part of the amazing services they offer is AM PlayGroup ( where they bring dogs from other neighborhoods in Brooklyn and also dogs from Park Slope to a designated area of the park (in the cove next to the picnic house) during off-leash hours. I've never done this before but see them there all the time and they are awesome with the dogs. They usually have about 30 dogs or so and there are maybe 5 or more adults who watch the dogs. I think all the dogs stay on long leashes and they also all wear a bright orange bandana to help distinguish them from other dogs in the park. Anyway, it's worth checking out. My dog used to go to their doggie daycare and I chose them because they were the only doggie daycare in the area that actually took the dogs on walks (most doggie daycares do not!)
  • (no subject)

    I use Eva's Playpups, who is based in Williamsburg but they have dog-walkers in Park Slope (I am also in South Slope/Greenwood). I love Eva's and am a longtime dog-walking and boarding client of theirs. We pay $13 for a 30min group walk. (March 2012)
  • (no subject)

    I second the recommendation for Eva’s Play Pups.
  • (no subject)

    We've had a terrific experience with those guys.