Eva Crèche Daycare
Eva Crèche Daycare


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Reviews (3)

  • Eva Creche Daycare

    My daughter has gone to Eva Creche from 5 months (June 2021) til now. We will be switching late in the summer to a 2-3 year old program, but I've never been concerned with the care she gets there. I will say I wish we had switched to a 2's program right when [my daughter] turned 2 because [she] would love to be out and about more than the EC program is able to do with the younger babies they have, etc. Nothing against them. They do attempt to go outside when they are able, but it's not daily. This is the only issue I have, and it wasn't really an issue for me until [my daughter] was 18 months or so and got to the age where she would have really enjoyed and benefited from going to the playground and such.
  • Review from the Fall 2021 Early Childhood Education Survey

    Type of facility: Daycare Review: We love Eva Crèche! P started there at 14mos and the owner and teachers have all been wonderful to work with. Very communicative, very transparent about COVID protocols and safety (all the teachers are vaxxed), very loving and caring with P. As a first time parent I was very anxious to trust someone else to take care of my kid but having been there a few months now and getting to know the teachers, seeing how positively P responds to them, and how much she's learning every day, I know we made the right choice! They also have music class with Lavender Blues once a week which P loves. Highly recommend! What would you change about the program, if anything, and why? Unfortunately they don't have an outdoor space, but they do go on walks regularly as weather allows. Is there anything you would like to add about how the school handled the pandemic? They've been proactive about covid protocols and making it clear all teachers are vaccinated.
  • Daycare Recommendations

    I highly recommend Eva Crèche! We've had our 16mo there for the last 3 months and she loves it. the owner and the teachers are all great, communication is clear and easy. they have separate infant/toddler programs but P started with the toddlers at 12mos and I don't get the sense they physically separate the kids all the time--they're usually all together for circle time, etc.