Ethel Barber, LCSW
Ethel Barber, LCSW


Psychotherapy, Hypnotherapy, SE
Loss - Renewal, Pain Management, stress Reduction, Pre & Post Surgical Support.

Reviews (3)

  • Critically ill parent, grief & therapist recs

    Ethel Barber is amazing. Not only is she a grief therapist but she focuses on guided meditation (hypno-therapy) as well. I was a skeptic, but it has really done wonders for us.
  • trauma and grief specialist

    I highly recommend Ethel Barber in Cobble Hill. She is a trauma and grief specialist I saw a couple of years ago to deal with a sudden loss. Ethel Barber 718-722-7144 347-615-1449
  • Re: [ANONYMOUS} Therapist to deal with anxiety

    Barber specializes in therapeutic work with individuals, families and groups around issue of grief, loss and trauma. She incorporates her advanced training in Hypnotherapy and Somatic Experiencing in addressing these issues, as well of those of pain and stress management.