Emily Locker, LCSW
Emily Locker, LCSW


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Reviews (4)

  • Need couples therapist

    I’ve not seen her for couples therapy but I know she does work with couples as well. She’s been wonderful and extremely helpful. Offering concrete things to do, versus a lot of listening that many therapists do. Emily locker
  • Looking for a online virtual therapist specializing in postpardum

    Emily Locker was amazing for me! I did a group therapy led by her with other new moms and also private sessions. Her email is Good luck! Transitioning to motherhood is a difficult thing…but you will get thru it! And therapy for sure helps ? also I found it super helpful to get together with others on maternity leave … helped pass the time and also be with others who were going thru the same struggles.
  • Therapist for new mom

    I’ve seen Emily Locker for the last 6 months—started seeing her a month after my daughter was born. She’s been hugely helpful in helping me adjust and work thru any struggles I was having…and specializes in post partum & family stuff. She is now only thru zoom, but I’ve found it extremely helpful to be able to hop on and off verses having to go into an appt which adds on an extra hour or so to your day! Especially now as a new parent, saving time is huge :)
  • Therapist for postpartum depression

    I’m working with Emily Locker since having my baby and she has been wonderful. She does group therapy as well which I’ve had a great experience with (what I did initially with her before starting private sessions bc I liked her so much)