The Car Seat Lady
The Car Seat Lady


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  • Re: [PSP] Car seat installer

    Car Seat Lady! Just google it. They will come to Brooklyn.
  • Re: [PSP] Car seat installer

    The car seat lady is tremendous!!!!!
  • Airport car service with car seat?

    Uber recently teamed up with the car seat lady to make car seats available in all of their cars. I don't use über but am a big fan of the car seat lady (if u don't know her she is a pediatric ER doctor who can install any car seat correctly in any vehicle and is very dedicated to car safety for children). I have no affiliation. But I've used her services and she's great. Could be worth checking out. (Reviewed Jan 2015)
  • Re: Car seat advice?

    Hands down: I'd go with whatever the Car Seat Lady recommends. She has a website and FB page. Sorry that I'm just referring you to another website, but this lady makes it her life to know about every car seat out there. She also does consults re: proper fit for your car.
  • Booster seat vs car seat

    The Car Seat Lady has very clear and helpful information on this. She has a website and a facebook page. Google or search for her on fb. A booster is way less safe than a car seat, and can be dangerous if the child is not ready for it-- size wise or otherwise.
  • Go See the Car Seat Lady!

    I want to give a shout out for Alisa Baer, the "car seat lady." I first learned about this service on PSP when I was pregnant. We recently sought her advice on the best car seat for our vehicle and met with her on Friday for a private class. I'm writing because meeting with Alisa was one of the best things we've done since our daughter was born (now 10 weeks old). Alisa was incredibly knowledgeable, professional, kind and just really cares about keeping kids safe. I cannot recommend her highly enough. For $75 she spent a little over one hour with us (and our car and car seat) and walked us through many safety aspects related to our little one in the car. We learned so much (and learned to correct many things we were doing improperly). She showed us how to secure our daughter properly in the car seat, how to secure the carrier without the base (for when traveling in taxis and rental cars), and how to secure the base properly in our vehicle (we left with the base properly installed in our car). We also talked about how to secure our pets in the car when traveling. Following our session, she sent us a detailed email (with video instruction links) covering everything we learned. I have no affiliation with Alisa but have become a huge fan. If you travel with your little one, I recommend checking her out!
  • Re: Go See the Car Seat Lady!

    We wholeheartedly recommend her too! She helped us pick the right seat for our car (and then we returned the wrong one that we had researched - oops) and taught us how to use the carseat without a base safely in a cab. She also gave us a recommendation for the toddler seat we now have. No affiliation. Also she has a cool bio - Her mom was an early activist for child car safety laws and she herself is a pediatrician in a NICU.
  • Re: need car seat advice

    "The Car Seat Lady" is a wonderful resource. You can find her on Facebook, like her, and ask all kinds of questions and get a response. She also has a website that likely answers your question here.
  • (no subject)

    Alisa the car seat lady! she is awesome and was worth every penny of the $60 to ensure a safe install. she does installs on her street in the west village. in addition to doing this for years, she's also a NICU pediatrician up at columbia so she knows a thing or two about babies and safety. We have an older model car ('93 volvo) without the latch system so getting the seat in was a bit tricky and we wanted to make sure it was in right. She's also been a great research resource for which convertible car seat will be best for our car when it comes time to upgrade to a bigger seat. She also does free refreshers (she helped us to install our base to our Graco Snugride in our car before our daughter was born, but we needed a refresher before traveling to help us remember how to install the seat without the base into a rental car/taxi), and she even let me borrow her latch belt for our rental car for the xmas holiday break. I have no affiliation, just a super satisfied customer and recommend her to everyone i know. i also think its not a bad idea to purchase a session with her as a shower gift for new parents. (Recommended 2/10)