Elizabeth Schwartzburt, MD
Elizabeth Schwartzburt, MD


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Reviews (5)

  • Primary care doctor in Park Slope recommendation?

    Try Dr. Elizabeth Schwartzburt - she's fantastic but not sure if she accepts GHI
  • Looking for a female primary care doctor

    Dr. Schwartzburt on 8th Ave is EXCELLENT. Very no nonsense and extremely thorough. The office could use a reno and I suggest an early appt bec there can be a wait, but she’s very good!
  • ISO: Local GP recommendation

    We love Elizabeth Schwartzburt on 8th Ave! She does a combination of traditional and alternative medicine, and has connections with great referrals all over Brooklyn and manhattan.
  • review

    Recommended without full review March 2013
  • (no subject)

    I like Dr. Elizabeth Schwartzburt @ 33 8TH ave in Park Slope. Her # is718-622-1120. She also incorporates natural health practices. September 2012