Elizabeth Gifford, MD - Gifford Family Practice
Elizabeth Gifford, MD - Gifford Family Practice


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Reviews (21)

  • ISO Female Primary Care Physician in Park Slope

    we have been going to Dr. Elizabeth Gifford for years and highly recommend her.
  • Primary Care Doctor referral

    We love Dr. Elizabeth Gifford. All four members of our family see her as our primary doctor, ever since our kids were little. It's a concierge practice, so there's an annual fee, but she takes insurance for everything else, and it's so worth it! Well visits last an hour, sick visits are 30 minutes. For emergencies you literally call her cell phone. It's so great to see a doctor who seems to really know us, not just what she reads on the chart before she walks into the room. There's currently a waitlist join as she keeps the practice small (and it's just her - not even a receptionist).
  • Adult Health, Mental Health & Healing Reviews Adult Health, Mental Health & Healing Reviews from 2018

    Dr. Gifford is a wonderful family practitioner who has a concierge practice in Park Slope (her office is at 8th Ave and 9th St). All four members of our family see her and love her. You pay an annual fee to be part of the practice but she takes insurance so everything else is covered. As a result of her fee and the fact that she has no staff (just a waiting area and she does everything else herself), she's never running late, never in a rush, and appointments are booked for 30mins for a sick visit and 60 for an annual physical or well-child check up. When you have to call after hours, you call her cell phone. Reminds me of the small-town doctor I saw as a kid. The only issue is that she limits the number of patients she has, so sometimes the practice is full and there's a waiting list. She takes Cigna and BCBS PPO plans. We've never had an issue with insurance with her.
  • Looking for a female primary care doctorg

    I LOVE Dr Elizabeth Gifford on 9th St & 8th Ave. She’s great, super punctual, great bedside manners and takes care of the whole family if you want, and also does routine GYN exams. She takes a limited number of insurance plans though, check her website.
  • ISO: Primary Care physician in South Slope or Park Slope

    I second Dr. Gifford. She's our whole family of 5 (2 adults, 11 yr old, 9 yr old, and 8 month old) physician. She's fantastic.
  • ISO: Primary Care physician in South Slope or Park Slope

    Dr. Gifford is wonderful.
  • Re: Kind of hate my pediatrician? Venting and looking for advice

    Dr. Elizabeth Gifford is a family practitioner on 9th St and 8th Ave and she is also great. She is easy to speak with and because she has a private practice and only accepts so many patients, you can usually make same day appointments or email her to possibly squeeze you in if it's urgent.
  • Re: GP recommendation

    Dr Elizabeth Gifford is wonderful. 9th St/8th Ave. Check to see if she is excepting new patients!
  • Re: Recommendation for Primary Care Physician

    I recently started seeing Dr Elizabeth Gifford and love her!
  • ISO General practitioner recommendation

    I second that recommendation for Dr. Gifford. She is fantastic!! (Reviewed April 2015)
  • Re: ISO General practitioner recommendation

    Dr. Elizabeth Gifford is fantastic. We had to leave her practice when we had to switch to an HMO (fair warning, she doesn't take them), but I highly recommend her. (Reviewed April 2015)
  • Thanks - Primary Care Physician Recommendations

    I've been very happy with dr Gifford - who is located on the corner of 8th ave and 9th st. She's very accessible as a doctor and a person and I've referred many coworkers to her. She does have an annual admin fee because she takes care of all her paperwork herself, but I actually think it's worth it...
  • ISO Female GP for patient on SSRI's

    Dr Gifford is a GP located on 9th St and 8th Ave. She's a smart and thoughtful physician who is experienced and comfortable prescribing meds. I've worked with several of her patients who are extremely happy with her.
  • Review from 2011 PSP Pediatrician Survey

    Delay Vaccines? Yes (Review Feb.2011) She's great. We live pretty close by so she offered to do home visits to weigh our daughter postpartum. it was great. She's super available, can respond to questions via email, and has set aside time each day for appointments you can schedule the night before if you have immediate health issues. Really communicative, respectful, friendly, great bedside manner. INSURANCE: Cigna, she takes it. We slightly spaced vaccinations a little bit more than was suggested, just to not overwhelm our child all at once. FYI to park slope parents though, I doubt any professional doctor who cares about public health would allow families
  • Review from 2011 PSP Doctor Survey

    (Review Feb.2011) Dr Gifford is a family doctor, which is great since my 10 year old, myself, and baby to be can all go to the same office. You can make appointments on-line, so easy, and you can reach her 24 hours a day. The office is small and wait time has been short to none, plus it's right outside the subway stop. She's super friendly, and always answers emails promptly. We've only seen her a few times so far, but it has been the best experiences I've had with NYC doctors by far since moving here 2 1/2 years ago. Other offices have been cramped full of patients and ridiculous wait times. I highly recommend her INSURANCE: I have Blue Cross Blue Shield PPO. I had to file the first claims but now that she is all set up with BCBS she will be doing the filing for now on
  • (no subject)

    we were also patients of dr maggie and will say that the yearly fee is absolutely more than fair/earned. the fee is clearly there to partly make up for the fact that the way she practices medicine is much less profitable and more user friendly. there have always been appointments kept open until the last minute so that sick visits can be scheduled immediately. minimal wait times. she could be reached by cell phone any time. even though she was not my kids' primary care physician, she was available for anything they needed - including when she had me email her pictures of a developing rash, and the time she had the whole family come in first thing in the morning for some overdue vaccinations needed for school. while we were her patients she stopped taking our insurance (or we switched insurance? or something) and she always charged us a lower amount than one would expect. i'm not sure what the ethical dilemma would be with a yearly fee. most doctors are paid according to how many procedures they do, etc. i was happy to pay a yearly fee for someone to provide me with their availability and expertise. i will certainly miss dr maggie!!! (may 2010)
  • (no subject)

    I have never had such a responsive doctor. And no middleman to deal with. (may 2010)
  • (no subject)

    .Dr Carpenter answered all my emails and emergency calls same day (emergency calls right away), faxed all documents, filled out all forms, etc etc., at no extra charge (some docs offices charge for filling out school forms, etc) all of which is very time consuming. (may 2010)
  • (no subject)

    Dr Maggie Carpenter is an exceptional family doctor; the best we have ever had. She treats the whole family, is a wonderful friend, thoughtful physician and is a true partner in your and your child's health (as opposed to someone who just wants to tell you what to do with minimal input from you). She has been such an important part of this community and many of our lives, and will be dearly missed. She is moving upstate starting in June. Dr. Elizabeth Gifford is taking over her practice. I have not met her, but I assume that since she is taking over Maggie's practice, her thought, philosophy and practice will be similar. She will start in June, and I believe she is open to new patients. (may 2010)
  • June, 2010

    I had read on PSP that Dr. Gifford was taking over Dr. Carpenter's practice. Since I needed a doctor in Park Slope, I made an appointment for a physical. I was VERY pleased and I highly recommend her. She was kind, caring, and attentive. She spent 45 minutes with me and addressed all of my needs. The only insurance she takes is CIGNA (which I have, thankfully), but you can probably see her out of network. She said she is still accepting new patients, so if you need a great local doctor I suggest her. You can make an appointment online via her website:
  • May, 2009

    Dr. Gifford was my GP at a location on 23rd St in Manhattan and she left there this past Jan. She is the one who recommended that I check out and join PSP when I was pregnant with my son over 2 years ago. I think she may live in Brooklyn/PS. Does anyone know her or how to get in touch? She's the best doc I've ever had and I wanted to see if she went to a new location in Brooklyn or if she can recommend another doctor in the area with the same commitment to excellence.