Elegant Barber Shop
Elegant Barber Shop


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Reviews (3)

  • Toddler haircut?

    I've been taking my 5yo son to Elegant, in South Slope - for years since he was a toddler. It's a barber shop on 7 ave, and the price is right. I recommend Arthur for kids short cuts. Really knows what he's doing, he's quiet and efficient and patient. Walk-in service. My son pretty much has exclusively gone there since he was little.
  • Haircuts?

    We just had a great experience at Elegant Barber Shop on 4th St (cross street is 5th Ave right across from JJB Playground). Very quick, calm and well done! Also, we just walked right in, everyone was still wearing masks and it was $25 vs $35 at Lulus.
  • Best haircut (for adults) in BK near Park Slope

    no doubt :