Eleanor Traubman Tutoring
Eleanor Traubman Tutoring


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  • Eleanor Traubman Tutoring

    When we first approached Eleanor, our second grade son was not quite reading at grade level, and was not enthusiastic about reading. Eleanor took time to get to know to him and his interests to figure out what reading materials and activities would help him feel engaged. His reading skills improved rapidly, as did his enthusiasm for reading. It was never difficult to get our son to meet with Eleanor, even when the sessions went from in-person to Zoom.  We even added an extra weekly session to help him with his writing.  Eleanor came up with a number of tactics which helped him overcome the ‘blank page’ mental block around writing.  During the summer, Eleanor also worked with our older son, a rising fifth grader. She developed a creative writing workshop for him, which helped him move forward with a story he was working on. We highly recommend Eleanor, as she has effectively helped our children with reading and writing, while making both of those things fun and engaging.