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Elan Salon


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  • ISO: Local facial recommendations

    Elan Salon on Seventh Ave has been a long-time place of mine.
  • Shout-out for Adele at Elan Salon (for outdoor haircuts)

    I had a very good haircut with Adele at Elan Salon over the weekend. They have a nice courtyard in the back where they are cutting hair. When I was there, they also had the front and back doors open, so there was airflow in the salon. Only one other customer was in the salon, and Adele and I were the only ones in the courtyard. She did a great job. Prior to the lockdown, she worked at a salon in Manhattan, and with the reopening wanted to stay local. The price was reasonable, and she was very kind and careful.
  • Waxer at Elan?

    Galina is the best! Marina is also very good but for fast, and effective, Galina is amazing.
  • Responses to: local eyebrow recommendation needed from eyebrow snobs

    Galina, Lena, or Marina at Elane spa on 7th ave. They are not warm and fuzzy but they are quick and good. I like my brows thick too- just tell them what you want
  • Responses to: local eyebrow recommendation needed from eyebrow snobs

    I'm not as much of an expert on this as you are but I do prize thick and orderly, and sadly have been getting them done for decades now. I went to Lena at Elan (7th ave and Garfield) on Sunday after seeing several Yelp recommendations plus friends generally using Lena. I thought she was quite good, the place clean but not fancy (sniff) and she did waxing and some tweezing and I was very pleased with the results. It wasn't as sublime as when I got them done in Soho years ago, but neither am I now
  • Re: Waxing Recommendation

    The women at Elan spa, at 7th and Garfield, are total waxing pros -- bikini, eyebrows, upper lip.
  • (no subject)

    Elan Salon on 7 Avenue do fabulous waxing, doesn't matter who you get! (Recommended 2/10)
  • (no subject)

    LOUSY PRE-NATAL MASSAGE!! when i walked into the salon, my masseuse (Gully?) was getting her hair dyed and had not finished, so she gave me a massage with her hair wrapped in a shower cap. how unprofessional! i was scared her dye would drip on me during the massage. the massage itself was not good - way too soft, even though i told her to go harder/deeper. she covered me with crummy old-looking towels in which i was definitely "exposed" the majority of the time. The timer clock was ticking away - much too loud - how is one supposed to relax hearing "tick,tick,tick?" i've had a lot of massages, both regular and pre-natal, and she clearly did not show any technique. ANYONE, and i mean anyone could've done the same or better of a job. finally the clock buzzed, and she didn't massage my head/temples or neck. I asked her if she massages those areas, and she just said No. I've never heard of such a thing. I will NEVER go back - lousy lousy massage! the best part of the massage were the 2 jolly ranchers i stole from the room. (Reviewed 2/10)
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