Kristopher Sykes - Edward Jones
Kristopher Sykes - Edward Jones


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Reviews (9)

  • Looking for Financial Advisor Recs

    I also use Kris Sykes whom was recommended to me by another Park Slope parent a couple of years ago. He is an amazing advisor. Unlike my last financial advisor, Kris is very active and proactively reaches out to me monthly to check in and make sure I’m happy with my service. Last year before a big dip in the market, Kris advised us to move money we needed to keep liquid in order to prevent a big loss and if we didn’t have him, we would have had a big problem. He has been a great asset to me, my business and my family.
  • Looking for Financial Advisor Recs

    I use Kristopher Sykes of Edward Jones. He is fabulous. He has taught me so much about finance and at the same time made sure to understand my needs and how to service them. I can't recommend him enough. He just helped me set up a minor account for my daughter with some stock so she can learn about the stock market.
  • Savings/investments for kids?

    I highly recommend Kris Sykes of Edward Jones. He has been great at helping me understand the 529 that my ex and I set up for my daughter when she was born what other accounts I can do and what I can do to give her a good financial education. He is my partner in managing my money.
  • Financial Planner

    My husband and I use Kris Sykes of Edward Jones: he’s been amazing. He gave us some excellent advice during the pandemic and his planning was responsible for saving us from 10’s of thousands, perhaps close to $100k in losses. He checks in with us regularly and has been generally amazing. He never pushes products and his fees are very reasonable.
  • Financial Planner

    I highly recommend Kristopher Sykes with Edward Jones- he's extremely patient and kind and very thoughtful about helping clients achieve their goals. I've sent others to him and they've reported how pleased they were with his individualized attention and help getting them on the right track.
  • ISO Financial Planner for brainstorming/tax info

    I really love working with my financial planner Kris Sykes. He is very generous with his time and incredibly honest. He came to me from another Park Slope Parents member and I’ve been very grateful. I wrote a shout out about him a month or so ago. He really helped us navigate these difficult times as painlessly as possible and I could not recommend him more. His info is here:
  • Shout out to Kris Sykes, Financial Advisor

    I just wanted to give a shout out to my financial advisor, Kris Sykes who came recommended to me from another park slope parents member last year. It is an understatement to say that there has been significant volatility in the market lately. However, Kris’s preparation and attentiveness helped save funding for a personal long term investment as well as the working capital in my business. Had I not had Kris managing my personal investments and the working capital for my business, I would have sustained tremendous losses in those critical areas. Last summer, when I first engaged Kris, he spent a long time going over my goals and immediate needs. He put together a plan for growth while essentially planning for the possibility of a drop in the market like we have been experiencing. I experienced losses like everyone else however, because of the way Kris organized my portfolio, I can still accomplish my short term goals and operate my business. Kris has treated me like I am a Rockefeller, proactively connecting with me almost every week. He has never tried to sell me products or services I didn’t need or want. Since this current volatility, Kris has been very attentive, reaching out to me to see if I have questions or concerns every step of the way. I know there will be a recovery at some point and I fully trust that Kris will guide me through optimizing this as well whenever that happens. Kris can be reached at 718-761-3960 or at I have no affiliation with him or personal connection to him except that I am his client. My hope is that other parents can benefit from his organized, forward thinking and personalized approach. I hope this is helpful.
  • Financial Advice

    We are using Kris Sykes to manage our investments (at Jeannie's recommendation). He's with Edward Jones. He has been great - very proactive. (November 2019)
  • ISO financial advisor for young family (loans, taxes, 529s oh my!)

    I’m working with Kris Sykes- he is super responsive and treats me like I’m a billionaire. We probably speak on the every other week and he has been completely transparent and honest about everything- highly recommend for a busy family that needs someone they can trust. Kris Sykes Phone: 718-761-3960 Mobile: 917-859-5846 Fax: 866-346-3984 E-mail: