David Baum - Edward Jones
David Baum - Edward Jones


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  • Financial Advisor for Investment / Retirement Planning

    My wife and I have been with Edward Jones located at 339 A 7th Ave (between 9th and 10th Street) for around 20 years. In those 20 years, we’ve had thee financial planners, but the last one David Baum has been exceptional. He very open, transparent and honest when it comes to planning for our retirement and future. He’s focused and clear when it comes to our financial planning and provides us with all the options. What I really appreciate about David is he always willing to call or talk if we have questions. He definitely looks out for our best interest and is very genuinely interested in our future and our family. He’s like a member of our family because we see him so often around the neighbor, which is another reason why we think he so great because he is a member of the community. When looking for a financial planner, it’s important to meet and talk with them to see if they “fit”. Looking back, the other financial planners we had weren’t a good fit for us, but Edward Jones was rated extremely high when we started on our financial journey. We are lucky to have David, because he has certainly straightened and strengthened our financial future. When we began, David took a holistic approach and asked for all our financials including work insurance and benefits and with this information he developed a brand-new strategy for us. I’m very pleased with his service and highly recommend him. What is most is important as a customer looking for a financial planner is to speak and talk with them and find out if there is a “fit”. Its important that they also listen to you and ask for your goals.
  • ISO Financial Advisor

    My family and I have been using David Baum of Edward Jones for years on 7th Ave and 9th Street. He’s great and patient and very down to earth and will work with you and your family to reach your financial goals. I’ve been very grateful for his help over the years!
  • Financial Advice

    We have found it useful to work with a financial advisor to see exactly what we have and get advice about how to invest it. We use David Baum in park slope and have found him helpful and responsive. (November 2019)
  • David Baum (financial planner) reviews?

    David is a great guy and I highly recommend him. We use him and like him very much. He gave us some very good advice and has helped us over the years with different things. You have to sit down with him once or twice in the beginning to go over your current status, your goals, plans and hopes, which also helps for you to get a good understanding of where you stand and what you want.
  • Back Re: ISO: financial planner

    David Baum at Edward Jones (7th Ave, 9th Street) was recommended to us. We're just starting out with him, but so far so good.