Ecology Exterminating
Ecology Exterminating


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Reviews (4)

  • Exterminator

    I've used Ecology Exterminating in the past. They're great! The price is reasonable, their exterminators have always been nice and efficient, and they don't use dangerous chemicals.
  • toddler-safe insecticide (roaches)

    We had roaches in our basement and contacted the people at Ecology Exterminating Services. The stuff they use is safe for kids and pets, per their claims. I was happy with their services and the people they sent to our house to spray.
  • Back ISO: Exterminator Suggestions Please!!

    We have used Ecology Exterminators for bugs and mice, and were satisfied- not sure about squirrels.
  • Re: [PSP] Help! Ants!

    We had a terrible problem with ants - used Ecology Exterminating - about 300 bucks for three treatments - took 2 treatments to work plus I put cinnamon sticks around - that repels the ants - it's a Lebanese trick I think