Eco-friendly Green Cleaning
Eco-friendly Green Cleaning


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  • House cleaner recommendation

    Mandy and her assistant did an incredible job cleaning our 1BR apartment. We have hired them a few times. They are incredibly thorough and tactical. They pulled furniture back from the walls to get at the floors and skirting boards, and left our bathroom and kitchen spotless. They worked as a team, which meant they managed the 3 hour clean in 90 minutes, very helpful when you have a 4 month old! Yet they left the place twice as clean as any other cleaners we have hired previously. They mostly bring their own supplies and avoid bleaches and chemicals (unless requested for stubborn stains.) Mandy herself is very personable and warm. For sleep-deprived parents, it is a huge help to have someone who is self-directed and just knows exactly what needs to be done.