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Eastern Athletics


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Reviews (8)

  • Swimming lessons? Karate?

    My kids are currently in swimming lessons at Eastern Athletic on Eastern Parkway and we love it there!
  • Swim Lessons that really teach?

    Judy at Eastern Athletic in Brooklyn Heights taught my first two children to swim. She is amazing. She went on to have them swimming 40 lengths of a full size pool by the time they were 8. Schedules and other things got in the way for her teaching my 3rd child, but on vacation I channeled my inner Judy and taught my 3rd child to swim using her techniques. It's been years but I have heard that she is still around there.
  • [PSP Winter 2017 Babies] Baby and me swim suggestions

    I did baby and me classes at eastern athletic with my older son starting at 9 months. The instructor, Erick, is fantastic. At 3, my son is still taking swimming lessons there with Erick. The one downside is that the pool is sometimes cold.
  • Responses: Eastern Athletic Club Baby + Me Swim Class?

    We're in the class now with our 28 month old. Erick, the instructor, is great. We think R will make a lot of progress with him. He is very much about getting the kids used to water, so lots of splashing and dunking--not aggressive or anything, but they will get their faces wet. R likes water and hasn't minded so far. There are only 3-4 kids in the Monday class, which is nice. I believe the Wednesday class is more crowded. The pool water is warm, the air above less so. The first week we were cold by the end, this week was fine. Nice facilities (especially compared to Camp Olympia at John Jay, which was a little grim). Overall, recommended!
  • Responses: Eastern Athletic Club Baby + Me Swim Class?

    I took the swim class as EA twice -,when my daughter was 5 months and then 17 months. The facilities are surprisingly nice. The instructor, Eric, is a character. He hates if you miss class, he doesn't let you opt out of activities. He takes it very seriously. The first time I took the class there were only three other families and it was great. The next time there were maybe 10 and it was too much.
  • Responses: Eastern Athletic Club Baby + Me Swim Class?

    I did multiple sessions of this class but at the brooklyn heights branch. I loved it and the water temp was good and it wasn't crazy loud and packed, like the John Jay classes.
  • ISO of private swimming classes (warm water)

    I disagree totally. [to the below review]. Do not to go Eastern Athletics if you want warm water: it was so cold every single lesson last semester that my daughter was shivering with purple lips by half-way through every class (we left most classes early since she was so miserable from the temperature). Other children were forced to wear wet-suits or sometimes didn't even get into the water since it was so cold.
  • ISO of private swimming classes (warm water)

    Have you tried Eastern Athletics? Also, Imagine swimming is highly recommended. My daughters went to Eastern Athletics and it was a reasonable temperature. My sister raves about imagine.