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Dolores Natividad



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Reviews (4)

  • Tips and recommendations to manage chronic pain?

    I have been working with a wonderful trainer, Dolores Natividad, for years. Dolores is certified as a yoga therapist and a MELT practitioner, and she understands bodies in a way I have not seen before. She was extremely helpful to me with some chronic knee pain and back issues. She is also great at helping me to work out without causing further problems.
  • Re: [ANONYMOUS] Physical trainer or yoga teacher with knowledge re. perimenopause and aging

    In response to the poster who asked for a trainer who is sensitive to issues of perimenopause and aging: I LOVE Dolores Natividad. I first met her through a yoga class that she taught for older adults, which I took for several years, and I now train with her once a week. Dolores is very skilled at helping people to adapt movements to their particular bodily needs, and at encouraging them to gently push their limits without hurting themselves. She has an in-depth knowledge and understanding of body mechanics which she uses to adapt exercises and strengthen problem areas. One important result for me is that I am much better at catching myself when I trip or slip, due to Dolores's work on strengthening my ankles and legs. I have noticed definite improvements in my strength and flexibility, as well as my overall temperament. I really can't recommend her highly enough.
  • Re: ISO: in home personal trainer for injury

    I recommend Dolores Natividad, who specializes in working with people who are recovering from injury, have arthritis or other problems. She is very experienced. Dolores is based at Body Reserve gym on 5th Avenue and Union, but can come to your home. Her rates are reasonable.
  • Re: Looking for a personal trainer who makes house calls!

    I can recommend Dolores Natividad. She is a trainer at Body Reserve and will also come to your home. She's lovely.