Discovery Pitstop
Discovery Pitstop
  • Clinton Hill
    467 Vanderbilt Ave, Brooklyn 11238, NY
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Reviews (2)

  • Daycare recommendations

    While we’re currently moving out of the neighborhood for more space, we had our son enrolled in Discovery Pitstop and cannot speak more highly of their staff. We’re so sad not to have our son there anymore...they’re going to be a tough act to follow for our future provider. Facility is new, super clean, staff is incredibly knowledgeable and are downright TALENTED educators, attentive, and eager to partner with families. Our son was beyond happy there while in the infant room, and had we been certain we were staying in the neighborhood, we would’ve jumped at the opportunity to re-enroll.
  • day care recommendations?

    We love discovery pitstop. Huge fans of the program that linique and her team have built!