Deborah Langosch, PhD, LCSW
Deborah Langosch, PhD, LCSW


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Reviews (2)

  • Review from the 2021 Therapist Survey

    During what time span have you seen this therapist? 2018-2019 many sessions, restarted again 2021 Type of therapist: Clinical Social Worker What kind of patients does this therapist see? Older Children (pre-teens) In-person, Zoom, or telephone therapy? Zoom/Video therapy Briefly describe the reasons you decided to seek help: We first went to her for grief therapy for our kids but we have used her this year for anxiety/depression for the same kids Does the therapist take insurance, and if not, how has your experience been with filing claims? No. We have to send in her statements for reimbursement and we get a very low percent back. It's very expensive. One nice thing Dr. Deborah did when both of our kids were going is she would split the session so they both got to see her for half the time, which saved us a lot of money. Review: We sent our kids to her and they both seemed to experience immediate relief. We had lost a close family member and both the loss and the crisis that loss created had taken an incredible mental health toll on our kids. This year one child asked to see Dr. Deborah again in dealing with covid-related teen malaise/depression. Again, my child reports feeling much better after seeing her. I don't really know what she does.
  • 2020 Review

    Deborah Langosch was just telling me about her specialty in grief and loss for kids and adults (and is available for consultation and trainings if providers are interested). I highly recommend her!