David Salvage, MD, FAPM
David Salvage, MD, FAPM


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Reviews (3)

  • Good prescribing psychiatrist

    I started seeing Dr. David Salvage - he's in Brooklyn and Manhattan but I've seen him on Zoom so far. He is very compassionate and he offers ketamine therapy as well as traditional depression treatments. I have found him to be a better listener than other psychiatrists I've seen.
  • 2020 Review

    For a local psychologist I'd recommend Dr. David Savage in Park Slope. I needed him about six months after my husband died and he helped me so much.
  • [ANONYMOUS] Recs for psychiatrist for meds, NOT therapy

    I was in your same position and gave up trying to find a provider who took insurance. I got jerked around a few times by offices that never returned my calls, or said they took my insurance and then did not. I let my anxiety get SO bad before I finally coughed up the $$ and saw someone out of pocket. My friend recommended Dr. David Salvage in the Slope, and she only sees him ~4x/year. Initial visit is $350 (!) but then follow ups are I think $100. Can't confirm that for sure because I saw him once, three months ago, and haven't had to go back yet! He'll outline the payments when you call. He's a bit kooky (and don't book if you're allergic to cats) but is very available by phone and email and did not mention therapy once. Has been totally worth it to get my anxiety under control.