David Dumais at Group Works
David Dumais at Group Works



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  • Seeking therapist for 14yo boy with anxiety

    Highly recommend David Dumais for exactly this. He has two offices, one in Park Slope. My son saw him at a younger age for anxiety that was also manifesting physically. David will work with you and I believe generally aims to help kids/teens and then have them “graduate” if and when the support is no longer needed, but you should ask him.
  • Failure to launch

    I strongly recommend David Dumais, LCSW. He has a lot of experience treating adolescents and runs a "failure to launch" group. He also does individual treatment. His website is:
  • Re: [ANONYMOUS] Group therapy for a Tween

    My tween son has been seeing David Dumais for about 6 months now, he came recommended from my son’s best friend parents that were also experiencing our concerns and are both in the professional therapy field.
  • (no subject)

    I highly recommend David Dumais at Group Works in Windsor Terrace. He specializes in adolescent boys. I worked with him at a school and saw him do amazing work with kids who were very withdrawn, violent, emotional disturbed, etc., as well as boys who were just having the typical problems with handling stress in their school and home lives. (Jan 2011)