Darryl Barnes - The Great Ragidy Supreme
Darryl Barnes - The Great Ragidy Supreme


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Reviews (5)

  • Review from the 2022 Party Survey

    He's great. Silly and sweet personality, pure magical fun for the kids. So nice and easy to work with. More than generous with his time.
  • Shout out for magician

    I’d like to give a shout out for a fantastic, hard-working, talented and funny magician, Ragidy Supreme. I hired him for my son’s fifth birthday party, thanks to this list, and the show was a big hit! He kept the kids laughing and entertained with magic and a dance party. He was also a pleasure to work with on planning and was flexible with a rain date.
  • Birthday Party Performer Recommendation

    I would recommend Ragidy Supreme! Lovely man and the kids loved his magic show then balloon dance party in the park.
  • Recommendation for kids Magician!

    We had a great experience (based on a referral from this list) with Darryl Barnes aka Ragidy Supreme for our daughter’s 7th birthday party. He basically did the whole party with a magic show, and then dance party with balloons. It was a great experience and the kids had a total blast. Highly recommend!
  • Shout out to local party magician

    I hired a magician for my 5 year old's party today and he was so, so good, that I need to spread the word. Darryl Barnes is so incredibly kind, generous, and entertaining, I highly highly recommend him! The kids had so much fun (and so did the adults!). Our party was at an outdoor garden, but I believe he is also open to indoor parties and zoom as well. His rate is very fair, and he is totally, totally worth it! I'm so glad someone from this group recommended him to me!