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  • Review Submitted March 2024

    We cannot speak more highly of Daddy's Daycare, and Location #2 specifically. We were very lucky to secure to spots for our twin boys when they were around 14 months, and they have attended Location #2 (on 7th Street, b/w 4th & 5th Avenues) now for almost year. Aika and the rest of the wonderful staff take incredible care of them and both boys are happy to go each day. Vadim was extremely helpful when we first contacted him about sending our boys to Daddy's, and he is always prompt to respond and provide further information when asked. We could not be happier and plan to transition our boys downstairs to Location #1 when they age out of Location #2.
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    My son has been in Daddy's Daycare 2 since it "moved" to the current location on 7th street b/w 4th and 5th aves last year (FYI: Daddy's occupies the whole building, and Daddy's Daycare 2 is on the second floor. Location 2 is for Babies and toddlers up to 24 months. After 24 months, you "graduate" to Location 1 which is on the first floor). We had our first child in Daddy's Daycare 5 and loved it (thank you, Nadya and Tanya), so wanted to enroll our second child as soon as we were ready to send him but we got on the waiting list too late, so we waited for 7 months while attending another daycare. As soon as we got message from Vadim that there would be a spot at Daddy's Daycare 2, we joined the Daddy's family again right away. We were hesitant at first because our son had already adjusted to the other daycare, and the caregivers won't be the caregivers that had taken care of our daughter, but Vadim reassured us that he had worked with the caregivers at Daddy's 2 for 7+ years so we took the leap of faith and switched daycares. We are so glad that we did! Aika and Jika are the best caregivers. I would say especially for the little ones. They are so caring, attentive and sweet to the children. From the first morning we handed our son over to them, I have never doubted that our son is in good hands having a great time. Every afternoon (during kids' nap time), I would get photos and videos of what the kids did that morning. That actually was one of my favorite part of the day :) They would be doing music, art, yoga, gardening etc. So many little classes, so may crafts everyday. They have their own huge backyard, so outside time every day. I never expected these little kiddos to be learning something at this age (my son and his group of friends are mostly in the 20-24 months group) but I noticed recently that my son is starting to count and saying abcs, which was a pleasant surprise. Last but not least, I liked that Vadim takes care of the administrative side of things (admission process, tuition etc) of the daycare and caregivers are focused only on taking care of the kids. Except for the long waitlist, Vadim is very quick and efficient. If he says there is a year long waitlist, he is probably telling you the truth. I know from my years at Daddy's through two children that most of the kids there start at 3-6 months and graduate Daddy's when they go into (3K) or pre-k, and their siblings come in when they are 3-6 months, so having a spot available is really rare. We feel very lucky to be part of Daddy's Daycare family and love all the caregivers there. I combed through these reviews when I first moved into this neighborhood so I hope this review helps another family looking for a daycare!
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    Our son Mario (17 months) has been attending Daddy's Day Care 2 since September of this year. We could not be happier with the quality of care provided here. This was a transition from a full-time nanny, so we were a bit nervous. The staff (Vadim and Tatyana in particular) are extremely attentive and reassure us every day with a full report on how Mario was doing. They are very flexible and supportive and I don't know what we would do without them! They have a strong emphasis on play facilitating learning (perfect for this age group) and Mario is doing well. He is happy when we drop him off and happy when we pick him up. I can't say enough good things about this place!