Daddy's Daycare 5
Daddy's Daycare 5



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Reviews (4)

  • Daddy's Daycare - 442 6th Ave location (between 9th and 10th)

    Our daughter has been attending Daddy's Daycare - 442 6th Ave location for about two years and we have been over the moon with the performance of this childcare organization. Nadiya and Tanya have been caretakers for the entire time we have been there and they have been nothing but superb. We know from our friends that other locations are excellent as well but 6th avenue and 10th street worked for us because of the proximity and did not disappoint. The hours are excellent, 8-6, children are always fed, clean and dealt with in a professional but caring manner. Activities, outdoor times and lessons were very noticeable and adorated by our little one. Management is very responsive and ready to help with any question.
  • Review from the Spring 2023 Early Education Survey

    Review: Daddy’s daycare was our first experience into daycare for our daughter who was just over 2 years when we started. She joined at their toddler only location. They have a daily calendar of events with arts, crafts, worksheets, outdoor time, free play, weekly yoga and music sessions and it’s been a fabulous introduction for our daughter into a structured program ready for 3K. Nadya and Tanya are so great and take such care, are attentive and frequently follow up. We receive lots of photos and videos. They provide all food - breakfast, lunch and a snack in late afternoon which is a massive weight off our plate! Amenities: Has outdoor space, Has after-school options, Has early morning hours, Provides meals
  • Daddy’s Daycare 5

    We’ve been sending our son to Daddy’s Daycare for almost a year (since he was ~19 months old), and it’s been absolutely wonderful. Our son looks forward to seeing Nadya and Tanya every day (and also Tami, the music teacher who visits each week), as well as all the friends he’s made in his class. He’s learned so much - he’s constantly surprising us with what he’s recently learned, like how to count to 10, the different shapes, colors, how to say “thank you” and “your welcome,” and SO many different songs! Daddy’s Daycare is great- the music class is WONDERFUL, as are the yoga classes and all of the creative art projects they do each week. The outdoor space is great and they get outside often. We love the pictures and videos we get each day, and how easy it is to communicate with Nadya via the WhatsApp group chat. They have parties for each child’s birthday and some holidays, which is so nice! The teaching staff (Nadya and Tanya) have been a consistent presence, which we really appreciate (compared to the daycare our son was at previously, where there was frequent staff turnover). Overall, we see how much our son loves going to daycare each day and how much he’s learned, and so we highly recommend Daddy’s Daycare!
  • Daddy’s Daycare 5

    Hi, I wanted to share our experience with Daddy’s Daycare 5 (6th avenue and 9th st location). We have been sending our son there since he was 1 year old. The teachers at this location are absolutely amazing, they are warm and nurturing while also providing structure and a positive learning environment. Each day of the week there are new experiences for the kids which include yoga, arts and crafts, music class etc. And they have an outside garden which is used everyday. And the best part - I know what my son does each day bc they send tons of pictures each day! Our son has thrived while attending daddy’s and learns so much while also just having a lot of fun. He asks to go see Tanya/Nadya (his teachers) every morning when he wakes up - even weekends! I feel so lucky to have found this daycare for our son and I know what a big decision it is when deciding on a daycare. I don’t have any affiliation with Daddy’s - I am just a really happy mom who wants others to know how amazing they are!