Cut Above on Seventh
Cut Above on Seventh


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Reviews (3)

  • Pediatric Dentists & Kids Hairdressers

    We've had two good haircut experiences (3yo daughter) at A Cut Above on 7th. Small pic attached! They were solid enough for me on covid protocols (stylist masked properly, kid went maskless, shop wasn't crowded at all) and very friendly and welcoming. Note -- and maybe this applies more to girls -- you may want to make it clear if you just want a cut and not a full "fifty dollar car wash".
  • Best haircut (for adults) in BK near Park Slope

    Cut Above on 7th
  • Haircut for 10 year old boy with long hair

    My 11-yr-old son has straight hair and has been getting pretty much the cut you describe from Johnny at A Cut Above, on 7th Ave between Carroll & President.