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Cultural Care Au Pair


Cultural Care Au Pair’s childcare and cultural exchange program offers families affordable childcare customized to their needs with a unique international perspective. Your au pair lives with you as a member of your family while providing up to 45 hours of childcare each week for less than $335/week.  Contact Cultural Care Au Pair today to learn more about the program and for the latest promotion details! 

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  • 2019 Review

    We are a family that previously had wonderful experiences with au pairs. With our relocation to NYC we joined cultural care and had a very concerning experience. Our au pair at the time demonstrated some irresponsible decision making and the program appeared to us to be very focused on finding her another family instead of addressing these worrisome behaviors. They told us they forgot to write the transition document, which describes the events the lead to the rematch, in a timely fashion. Our LCC did not acknowledge our concerns about the maturity and responsibility of the au pair but focused her conversation on finding the ideal family for the au pair.
  • Au pair agency

    We are two months in to our first au pair. We used cultural care au pair, and have been pretty happy with them so far. We like our au pair a lot, but also have some thoughts on what else we might screen for if we go through the process a second time (our au pair does not speak very good English, so I mostly talk to her in Spanish. That's fine for me, but my husband basically can't communicate much with her). A few pieces of advice that we found helpful in our search were: - the best matches are where you are excited about the cultural exchange/host family role in addition to the childcare--people have less positive experiences when it is treated just like an employer/employee relationship. - if your kids are young, make sure they are going to be cool with noise early morning and also ask how they'll feel if the kids want to play with them or want their attention when it's not their hours to work (sometimes they may not think through the fact that they are living in the same space as young kids that they care for).
  • Au pair agency

    have used cultural care for the past 4 years, they are great. I have learned ALOT about having an Au pair. Way too much to write. I think treating the Au pair as one of the family makes a world of difference when they are living in your house. Realizing they will be there at times you wish they weren't. And thinking about rules, responsibilities, scheduling up front is important. You know way more about the persons day to day non work life then you would ever know about your nanny.
  • Au pair agency

    For about eight years we've had au pairss through Cultural Care. Of the agencies that service New York they seem to be far and away the best run and the best priced. We've been extremely happy with their experience there, as you can tell by the fact that we've had au pairs for eight years. We've also been incredibly careful and how we screen them, and we've managed to avoid nearly all of the horror stories you hear about. We've had one very bad experience, but happily that was easily resolved, and Cultural Care was pretty supportive.
  • (no subject)

    We are currently hosting an au pair and used " cultural care au pair " and we are happy with it.