CrossFit South Brooklyn
CrossFit South Brooklyn


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Reviews (8)

  • ISO Prenatal Personal Trainer

    Crossfit south Brooklyn does great private training! I go to Katie Harper for post natal (she’s also a physical therapist which is really helpful post c-section). I really recommend!
  • Where are the local business gyms you love?

    Recommended without full review, January 2020
  • 2019 Birth Survey

    For active mommas, I really enjoyed the Diapers and Dumbbells class offered by CrossFit South Brooklyn. The workouts were hard but made me feel like my old self, and the baby wrangler Sasha was a master at handling the little ones. The other moms I met there were so kind, too.
  • Physical trainers with obesity experience?

    Any of the trainers at CrossFit South Brooklyn. Especially the owner David Osorio. The trainers are highly skilled and work with ALL types - the focus is on being healthy and strong. Check out this article below to see an example. I’ve been a member for 8 years and it’s an amazing place.
  • Favorite Postpartum Workout?

    I’ve done two dumbbells and diapers classes at the CrossFit gym on Degraw and really enjoyed it! They have people watch the babies while you do a 1 hr workout in the same space. It’s Monday/Wednesday/Friday at 11!
  • Favorite Postpartum Workout?

    I highly recommend diapers and dumbbells at south brooklyn CrossFit. There’s some baby wranglers on staff who look after the bubs whilst you workout. You don’t need to be CrossFit certified.
  • postpartum core class

    I’ve been going to CrossFit South Brooklyn’s Diapers and Dumbbells class! they watch the babies while you get a workout in. I’ve loved it so far! And amber- it’s a challenging workout but isn’t necessarily just for the core.
  • ISO: gym recommendations (crunch in particular)

    Cross Fit South Brooklyn on Degraw between 3rd and 4th is fabulous and a real community environment.