CrossFit 718
CrossFit 718


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Reviews (3)

  • Seeking early morning fitness classes - 5am or 6am - any recommendations?

    Crossfit 718 (26th and 3rd) has a 6am class every weekday. I know Crossfit sounds intimidating, but it's really fun and dynamic and a great whole body workout. I actually think they did away with the foundations class so you can sign up without having done crossfit previously. Email Coach Tammy at I think she even offers free trial classes so you can see if you like it or not.
  • Re: ISO: gym recommendations (crunch in particular)

    We love CrossFit 718. They have a New You program that begins focused on "boot camp" workouts and then transitions to more traditional moves that would make you "CrossFit" ready. They also offer a basics class to teach you all of the CrossFit moves. They are located at 26th Street and 3rd Avenue.
  • Giving a Recommendation: Cross Fit 718

    I just want to pass this along as I am a mom of 2 kids who just turned 40 (eek). I also work full time so taking care of myself comes last. I recently joined CrossFit718 (cf718) and I was nervous but excited to do something new. I can NOT rave enough about this experience. I was part of a 6 week program and thought I wouldn't' be able to commit nor would I consider continuing but I was dead wrong. The owners of CF718 get to know you and make you feel so comfortable (total coincidence that one of the owners I had hired as to get me into shape after I had each of my kids and I have to tell you he is the reason why I was able to shed all the weight). I was intimated and feeling like "I'm too old for this" and thinking "if i Have free time this isn't what I want to do". Not only has the gym become a lifestyle for me its helped my confidence and independence. You can always find the time.