Cornell Presbyterian Medical Center - New York Hospital
Cornell Presbyterian Medical Center - New York Hospital


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Reviews (7)

  • Review from the 2020 Birthing Experience Survey

    We had a mixed experience at NYP Cornell. The staff and physicians were wonderful, and everything thankfully went well for the most part. However, due to me testing positive for COVID (despite having been sick weeks earlier and no longer contagious), we got minimal support. I think the experience would have been much better in normal times. Also, when I was sick with COVID, we were told by our OBGYN to go into L&D for an evaluation. They did a full workup but did not test for COVID as it was not possible at the time (back in March). They just sent me home telling me there was nothing wrong, when in fact I ended up being sick with severe flu like symptoms (fever and fatigue) for two more weeks. Again, it was understandable, but not the ideal scenario.
  • Review submitted via the PSP Birth Survey

    Excellent nurses and care Based on Aug 2016 birth experience
  • Review submitted via 2015 Birth Survey

    I had all of my prenatal exams at NY Pres and for the most part they were on schedule and easy to coordinate. Everyone is very professional and it's a nice facility. My first birth was induced and went well until after my delivery. I will say the majority of the nurses are very professional and on top of things, however we opted for a private room and based on our experience did the semi private for my 2nd birth. The private room was barely cleaned in my 7 day stay, they have fewer nurses on that wing and I waited almost 15 hours to get out of bed and go see my baby in the NICU after repeated calls to the nursing staff. The only thing that made it worth the money was that my husband could sleep over. They also have a security system which I think is great but it get's tripped very easily and an alarm goes off and the whole unit gets shut down. It can be unnerving..My 2nd experience was more positive even though I had postpartum complications in recovery. On a whole, I just hate being in the hospital but I felt well cared for in my time there. Recommend? Recommend Insurance: No insurance issues but did have to resubmit some bills Based on a 2015 birth.
  • Birth Survey 2012

    REVIEW: Horrible breast feeding support. I would not recommend this hospital for first time mothers who want to breastfeed because of that. The nurses were good, but not fantastic. The overall look of the wing was drab. INSURANCE ISSUES: No problem filing the insurance claims. Review Date: April 2012
  • (no subject)

    REVIEW: I came in with a birth plan, which went out the window, but the nurses and doctors (and I went through three sets as I was there awhile) did everything they could to honor my plan. I was allowed to use a birthing ball, take a shower, walk around with the IV. I was adamant about not wanting a C-section and they did not try to change my min even though my labor was going on 30 hours when I finally delivered. I was allowed immediate skin to skin contact with my sign and was allowed to breastfeed him as soon as the nurses cleaned him up. Overall, the staff was excellent - kind, patient, attentive. They listened to us and made it such an amazing, memorable experience. INSURANCE ISSUES: We have Cigna, which the hospital accepts. The hospital filed all claims. As there are so many little charges for labor and delivery, do expect a lot of small and large invoices. If I had a question about a dollar amount, the hospital billing department worked it through with me. Review Date: April 2012
  • Birth Survey 2012

    REVIEW: I can't imagine a better hospital. The staff are so helpful and understanding. After birth, they taught me immense amounts about how to care for a baby. It felt lime an immersion course, which I needed desperately. In addition, the doctors are top notch. It has one of the best NICUs in the country, which means phenomenal care if your wee one needs it. And the views! We lucked out by getting the window side of a double room. It has an enormous wall-sized window overlooking the east river. So you can sit by the window nursing your newborn watching the river flow and the boats pass. All covered by insurance! And I should mention that there was no wait for a room, but that may just be luck as to whether others go into labor just before you. INSURANCE ISSUES: Yes. Excellent on their end. Review Date: April 2012
  • Birth Survey 2012

    REVIEW: I had a wonderful experience at Cornell Presbyterian in April 2011. The staff was great and really helped the scary transition into parenthood. I found everyone knowledgeable and caring. I had a natural birth (non-C section) and was happy to get a few nights sleep while my son was safely in the care of the nursery. I would suggest doing this. Take the first 2 nights and sleep without the stress of watching the baby every second. I didn't breastfeed (which is something they do push but once you say please feed him formula - they will respect your wishes) INSURANCE ISSUES: Review Date: April 2012