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Reviews (4)

  • Best Meal kits ?

    We've been using CookUnity for several months and have been very happy with it. Lots of options, all heat-and-eat in 20 minutes or less, plenty of healthy/vegetable-forward choices, and the vast majority of dishes have been very good or better. Made in NYC.
  • Meal Kit Delivery Recs?

    HelloFresh fans here. Sunbasket became too expensive. Marley Spoon seemed uneven to me - some things I outright disliked, some just seemed a bit plain. We also liked CookUnity for ready/made meals as well as Daily Harvest.
  • Meal Kit Delivery Recs?

    If you want ready-to-eat meals, we've had a good experience with Cookunity. They are a local company and the menu is really innovative/fun.
  • Precooked Meal Services

    We just started getting precooked meals from Cook Unity and I cannot recommend it more! The meals are super easy to heat up, and the quality is exceptional. Like, food I would go out of my way to eat at a restaurant kind of exceptional. I got started on Cook Unity by using a $50 coupon from a neighbor off our first order, and now we are hooked.