Convivium Osteria
Convivium Osteria


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Reviews (10)

  • Special occasion dinner recommendation?

    Osteria Convivium on North Slope fits that description! Most beautifully plated takeout we've ever ordered that's for sure.
  • Celebratory restaurant?

    We love Convvivum Osteria right here in Park Slope.
  • Re: ISO Anniversary date restaurant in slope

    I love Convivium Osteria. Ask for the upstairs window seat. Very quiet and feels romantic.
  • Re: ideas for anniversary dinner?

    I agree with the idea of Convivium, if you can, get a table in the wine cellar!
  • Re: ideas for anniversary dinner?

    Convivium on 5th Ave at St. Marks Place is a very special romantic place, IMHO. Great wine and food.
  • ISO adult birthday dinner recs for 16 people

    We did my –th birthday at Convivium Osteria in the wine cellar. It was fabulous! We were about 18 people. You should check it out.
  • (no subject)

    My husband and I had a very lovely and very grown up evening at Convivium on 5th Ave. It's not South Slope but it's quiet and there are a lot of fish options. I think we both had seafood starters and entrees. Check out the menu. We sat in the wine cellar downstairs, not sure of noise level upstairs but it is very small so I bet not very noisy. It's not a place you're going to see kids dining.
  • (no subject)

    We always love Convivum ( and if you want it extra special, ask a table downstairs in the cellar September 2012
  • (no subject)

    I second that! We were just there on Saturday night. The food is outstanding and you really feel like you're in Italy for a couple of hours. :)
  • (no subject)

    Recommended for large parties.