CBE Kids Club After School Program
CBE Kids Club After School Program


Through CBE Kids Club, Congregation Beth Elohim is excited to offer after-school childcare options for children in kindergarten through 5th grade, with flexible enrollment options. Our experienced staff has designed a nurturing after-school program, which includes pickup from 10 local elementary schools in Park Slope. Our staff will pick up your child from school and will walk them to CBE for the start of CBE Kids Club.

For children who prefer a wider range of extracurricular activities, we have also partnered with local vendors to offer a variety of add-on activities. Our counselors will bring them to the locations within our building where each activity takes place. See our list of outside vendors.

CBE Kids Club is a safe place for kids to come together and to make new friends in the neighborhood. Each age group will have their own “club,” where the children will be based when they are not taking part in an add-on enrichment activity. Here, they will participate in counselor-led activities, eat nutritious snacks, and work on homework. Not all time is scheduled to the minute. Children also have the time to decompress, play, and to explore whatever direction their imagination takes them.

Please note that although Congregation Beth Elohim houses the program, it is not religious in nature, and all children are invited to attend.

School Pickup

CBE Kids Club offers walking pickup options from the following local elementary schools:

  • PS 321
  • PS 10
  • PS 107
  • PS 282
  • PS 9
  • PS 133
  • Berkeley Carroll
  • Poly Prep Lower School
  • PS 118
  • PS 39
CBE Kids Club At-A-Glance:

2:40–3:45 PM: Arrival and snack time. Children are split into age-based groups and have healthy snacks with their peers.

3:45-6:00 PM: Club and add-on enrichment time. During this time, our staff will help kids with their homework and organize games and activities for those who are finished. Children will also have play time facilitated by our staff. If a child is signed up for an add-on enrichment activity through our vendors, our staff will take them to the class and pick them up upon the activity’s completion.

5:45-6:00 PM: Dismissal/pick up.

Beyond the Clubhouse

In addition to CBE Kids Club, we have partnered with some amazing organizations to offer a wide variety of add-on enrichment activities throughout the week. Our staff will walk children to and from their activities within our building and keep track of their daily activity schedules. The add-ons are offered in two blocks each day. If a child is signed up for an activity in both blocks, our staff will also walk them between the activities.

Reviews (10)

  • After-school swim lessons for 6yr old?

    My son swims at CBE after school. They have tons of levels. You can do as part of CBE after school with pick up from school or bring your child on your own.
  • 2018 Summer Camp Reviews

    Summer 2018 Review: So impressive. They swim every day!!! Pure fun. Amazingly well managed, given how much they pack into a day. They go on big trips 2x/wk, which seems the perfect amount. Long day - ends at 5. Kids come home exhausted but happy. Excellent counselors. This is not a Jewish camp. Everyone is welcome. The counselors are diverse. The only Jewish things they throw in is on Fridays kids get challah and grape juice for Shabbat, and, possibly, learn one Hebrew word. Age of child: 5 and 7 What would you change about the program, if anything? Nothing
  • 2018 Summer Camp Reviews

    Summer 2018 Review: My daughter LOVED this camp. She skipped out the door every morning (not our experience with Pre-K and other camps). The counselors were engaged, energetic and warm. The camper to counselor ratio was great. It was structured but fun and the activities they offered were really well organized and all of the kids seemed to get a lot out of them. Age of child: 4 What would you change about the program, if anything? nothing!
  • Re: [PSP] Beansprouts or CBE?

    As for CBE- we were really glad when they set up at PS39 because we had no other option at the time. But they're a mixed bag. My son actually really liked the cooking class, as well as the rocketry and video, but other classes were kind of lame-- EG the Spanish class was just a teenage staffer saying "gato means cat", Etc. I think for many of their classes are "taught" by inexperienced teens or college students, so are catch as catch can. Others seem to be taught by actual teachers at the school and are much better.
  • Re: CBE After-school Question

    I think it depends on what your child is used to. My soon-to-be 2nd grader has gone to CBE for after school beginning in kindergarten but she was always in daycare/preschool until almost 6pm from the time she was 5mos old. They do have a rest period in kindergarten and CBE has a quieter time after whatever activity your child chooses. Honestly, for us, my daughter has not had a problem and when I pick her up at 5:45, she is usually running around the social hall with her friends and begging me to let her stay a little longer. We love the program. It offers a wonderful variety and my daughter has made great friends.
  • Re: Looking for advice on After School Programs

    I second the recommendation for CBE. My son is in his second year and also loves afterschool. The classes offered are interesting and diverse. My son has taken swimming, tennis, basketball, soccer, sewing/quiltmaking, circus arts (his favorite class by far), cooking, Harry Potter potions, and architecture. There are also language classes like Spanish and Mandarin. They offer new classes regularly based on recommendations of parents. Bobbie Finkelstein, who runs the program, is wonderful! Despite the fact that she manages so many schools and kids in the program, she is always available to answer questions and assist.
  • Re: Looking for advice on After School Programs

    My daughter has been going to the After School Program at Beth Elohim for 2 yrs and we are very happy with it and she LOVES it! They do pick up daily at 321 and bring them to CBE. They work in trimesters throughout the school year and there are tons of options to choose from. They do one hour of a structured group and then the 2nd hour is more of a group class based on age. My daughter has taken classes ranging from Chinese, chess, swimming, circus arts, jewelry making, etc. They also have gymnastics, ballet, sports, Harry Potter potion classes. My daughter is very social and loves that she gets to see her friends for fun time other than at school.
  • (no subject)

    My son goes to PS 295 and CBE has an afterschool program on-site. He is in the program for the first time this school year. So far, it's excellent. He loves the classes and I appreciate the homework assistance because he is usually done with it when I pick him up. All the staff are very friendly and helpful, especially the director of the program, Bobbie Finkelstein.
  • (no subject)

    We are using the program for the first time this year. My daughter is at PS321 and they pick her up at the school. She is taking gymnastics, ballet, simple machines, swimming and cooking. She seems to love it. The first hour (for kindergarteners) is the specific class and then the 2nd hour is a bigger group play time. It's definitely a bit chaotic when I pick her up but she's loving the opportunity to do these different things. I've never seen it in action b/c I pick her up after it's over but her happiness is enough for me. :)
  • (no subject)

    We just started there this fall. My daughter goes three days a week and my son two. They are picked up from school and when I get them, they’re happy. The one thing I didn’t plan for was the Jewish holidays that are not days off for public schools. So next week is a bit stressful for me because I need to find someone to get the kids for me. Aside from that, I’m very pleased and my kids seem content. I like that they’re getting to know new kids outside of school and our general vicinity. A big plus is that the extra classes don’t require an additional fee. So my daughter is getting swimming lessons on top of child care for a reasonable cost. I recommend it highly.