Compose Yourself
Compose Yourself


Compose Yourself: Freshman writing classes. For grown ass adults.
(Online when necessary and in person in various Brooklyn locations when possible)

My name is Brooke Lewis and I was a professor of expository writing at NYU for ten years, teaching essay writing to first-year students who were forced to take my class under varying degrees of duress. During that time, a lot of people who were not college freshmen told me that they wished they could take my class because it sounded fun, and because they themselves had in fact never been taught the basics of good writing.
I've realized that while there are almost infinite varieties of 'creative writing' classes out there for adults, there are none that offer the more foundational writing skills that I have taught for years.
I want to teach people how to write better, whatever that means for them, and I want to make it fun and interesting. Maybe you know someone who is looking for inspiration or a new outlet and has no particular project in mind; maybe you're thinking of someone who wants to get better at writing reports for work; maybe there's someone who's ready to return to a draft of a novel or essay, or edit a single short story; maybe the person is you and your new year's resolution is to finally going to start that memoir you’ve been thinking about for years! Whoever the person is, and whatever the final product turns out to be, I think I can help.

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