Cobble Hill Exterminators
Cobble Hill Exterminators


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    I just used this exterminator and find him to be excellent - responsive and reasonably priced.
  • 2019 Review

    After a stressful encounter with a mouse problem, given our building's contracted pest control vendor(base on in LI) 3 visits, resulted in 22 traps scattered around our apartment with very little to show for it. We still were regularly seeing and hearing them around the apartment, as well as seeing their droppings right next to the traps. They are literally shitting on our efforts to get rid of them. I did some extensive research, and came across an article about mice issue, and found Cobble Hill Exterminators, specializes in brownstones and base in Brooklyn. Micheal is very professional and know his craft. He visited twice and completed his task, completely got rid of the mice problem we had, in contrast to the other company, we would still have a stressful rodent problem. He spent close to 3 hours at the first visit, looked behind all the appliances, and did a thorough job. Our neighbor also impressed with his services. We can't thank him enough to solve this stressful rodent problem we had. They also handle other pests besides mice should the need arise (bugs, ants, etc). Highly highly recommended them to solve your rodent/pest problem.