Cleaning Brooklyn (Donna Walrond)
Cleaning Brooklyn (Donna Walrond)


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Reviews (16)

  • Cleaning company for deep clean?

    Cleaning Brooklyn has been cleaning my home for almost 14 years! Donna is the owner and is a single park slope mom of 3.
  • Review for Cleaning Brooklyn

    They never showed to their appointed time. They did not respond to my phone calls or texts. I never heard from them again. From this experience, they are unreliable.
  • Deep Clean for Apartment

    I've used Donna and her company for over 10 years. I highly recommend them! They are flexible when I have to change last minute and they are thorough. I've had them coming to clean for us twice a month and when my kids walk into our home, they always yell "Donna came today!".
  • Deep Clean for Apartment

    Seconding the recommendation for Donna / Cleaning Brooklyn. After trying nearly a half dozen different places, including several recommendations from this list, I think we've finally found one we are happy with!
  • Nesting Impulse -- Cleaning Services

    I highly recommend Donna and her team at Cleaning Brooklyn. I used her for this very thing when I was pregnant with my twins and I still have them come on a regular basis five years later!
  • 2018 Review

    I highly recommend Cleaning Brooklyn for your post-construction cleaning. Donna and her team are meticulous. I have used their services for many years.
  • 2018 Review

    Donna came highly recommended by two other parents from our baby group, and she’s been working for us now for about six months. In short, Donna is great! She does an awesome job cleaning the apartment and she is always happy to follow our instructions. It’s very easy to communicate with her by text or phone, and she’s flexible about scheduling. Her rates are reasonable and we trust her with the keys so we don’t have to be home when she is working. If you’re on the fence about getting a housekeeper I highly recommend Donna - we did our own cleaning for a long, long time but with a toddler and two working parents it’s just such a relief not to have to clean on top of everything else.
  • Re: ISO Move In Cleaning Service

    We just moved and worked with 2 great companies. Cleaning Brooklyn, which is run by a fellow PSP, is great for a deep clean. They are punctual, will bring all equipment necessary if you need and do a great job cleaning. They take credit cards, too.
  • rec

    I use Cleaning Brooklyn, which is owned by a fellow mum on this list serve, Donna Walrond. They use the cleansers that we provide, so if you are looking for all natural, just be sure to have them on hand. I've had great experiences with Donna and her team.
  • recommendations for apartment cleaning service (before a move)

    Check with Donna and her team at Cleaning Brooklyn. They definitely do this type of work. I use her for our weekly cleanings and the service has been great. www. Donna is also a mom on this list serve as well...
  • RE: recommendation for a one-time cleaning service

    I had a great experience with Cleaning Brooklyn for a deep move out clean and a move in clean. I have no affiliation other than that of a satisfied customer, though I am happy to be supporting local businesses, especially PSP business!
  • Shout out to local cleaning service

    I posted about two weeks asking for recommendations for a cleaning service that take credit cards and a few members recommended "Cleaning Brooklyn" which is run by a PSP member. Donna and her team was amazing and their rates are great! We are staying with friends until our renovations are done and wanted to get the place clean for them. We hired them to do a deep cleaning and boy was it a deep clean! Our friends came in from work and couldn't believe it was the same home! I highly recommend Donna and her team.
  • Re: ISO of cleaning service that take credit cards

    I really recommend Cleaning Brooklyn We just moved and they did a *fantastic* job with our move out and move in clean, we're so happy with them. They take credit cards and will do gift certificates! I have no affiliation with them other than that of a happy customer.
  • Re: Brownstone cleaning

    I second the rec for Cleaning Brooklyn. They did a deep clean of my apartment and it was left SPOTLESS!
  • Re: Brownstone cleaning

    Highly recommend Cleaning Brooklyn. I use them in my own home, and recommend them without hesitation to clients moving into new homes. The owner, Donna, is a fellow PSP.
  • (no subject)

    They clean for us every month, and that is the number I have for them. You can also try emailing Donna Walrond at They're nice ladies who do very good work. They often show up late, but they always send a crew of 3-4 cleaners and always finish on time. August 2012