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Reviews (9)

  • Medical care for blocked ear in the Slope

    I just went to the city md on Flatbush and 7th for what turned out to be tendonitis in my hand/wrist, and it was quick and felt Covid safe. They have a virtual line now for Covid testing so people aren’t wrapped around the block, and there were people in the waiting room but appropriately distanced and I didn’t wait for long.
  • Urgent Care recommendation

    I was also impressed with City MD, including their pay for service pricing. Although a bit less so when, weeks after my pneumonia was treated, they decided they undercharged need by about $100 bucks. Treatment was very good and quick. (December 2019)
  • Urgent Care recommendation

    One more here. I went to citymd last week for what turned out to be bronchitis and had a good experience. (December 2019)
  • Urgent Care recommendation

    Another vote for the City MD on 5th Ave and 8th St. We live steps away and have gone for everything from a deep splinter to a blood clot that was the side effect of surgery. My wife went 3-4x over the course of her pregnancy. We've been very pleased with the service. (December 2019)
  • Urgent Care recommendation

    City MD on 5th ave and 8th street has served us well (December 2019)
  • Urgent care

    City MD on 5th ave and 8th st or the one on Flatbush and 7th Ave are both quite good, and I’ve generally not had a long wait at either one.
  • [PSP November 2013 Baby Group] Flu shots

    We just learned yesterday flu shot appts at Tribeca are booked thru October!!!! City MD, that nice urgent care place across the street, has pediatric doses. Apparently they need to get two doses 28 days apart. Our daycare has a sign that all kids in NYC-licensed centers need shots by December. City MD also has preservative-free shots for adults. We just went as a fam and all got 'em. (review submitted September 2014)
  • Re: Where for an 11-year-old to get a flu shot?

    City MD offers flu shots.
  • Re: [PSP] IiSO doctor who will see me and my husband today

    CityMD or Premier Care? Hope you get better for your trip!