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  • Review from the 2023 Summer Camp Survey

    Location: Manhattan (Allen Stevenson School) How old was your child when they attended camp this summer? 7 Review: My child loved everything about this program. It’s a highly structured day camp for kids with ADHD and other similar learning/behavior challenges. My kid had a miserable time in camps last summer but a blast in this one. He loved the art, sports, field trips, games, dress up days, science and also enjoyed the work they did on social emotional learning. There is a points/rewards system they use to encourage appropriate behavior in which the kids earn prizes, which turned me off a little ahead of time but he loved the competition aspect of it and it really helped him. They start with a ratio of one counselor to one kid and tailor supports and goals worked in to the kids particular needs. In our case the head of our group was a licensed social worker at a school for kids with learning challenges during the year. We got daily report cards on how he was doing. And several parent training courses on managing behavior. My kid also struggled in the past with changing camps / groups of kids / counselors in the past each week and the continuity of the same people each week was good for him. If your kid has had trouble functioning in traditional day camps, which tend to be geared towards neurotypical kids and struggle to handle neurodivergent kids, check out the Child Mind Summer Program for next year. What would you change about the program, if anything, and why? Would have it go longer than 4 weeks and last the whole summer; very expensive; because kids are from all over nyc and outside of nyc opportunities for friendships after camp is over are limited
  • Resources for ADHD+ODD

    We did a neuropsych through Healthy Brain Network at the Child Mind Institute. It's free, but we had to wait 6 months to come off the waitlist. They were very thorough and we ended up with diagnoses of ODD and ASD. I would definitely recommend them
  • Child mental health advice

    We got our diagnosis through the Child Mind Institute, which I hated (it felt super rigid and fear-based, ie “if you don’t do what we say exactly your teenager is going to be a mess”).
  • Autism-spectrum diagnosis for adult?

    My son saw Dr. Cynthia Martin at the Childmind Institute and she spoke about evaluating adults especially after their children receive a diagnosis. She is amazing to work with. She teaches at Harvard and trains clinicians in the gold standard testing for autism. Perhaps inquire with them. The cost was around $3,000.
  • Neuropsych evaluation recs for struggling 7 year old

    My kids went to Child Mind Institute for comprehensive analysis. I thought the psychologist that was assigned to my kids was incredibly informed and really listened to what I had to say. She now has her own practice in South Slope, her name is Dr. Cassady Casey. Maybe worth a call or email. My younger son is definitely benefiting from the services, but was but rough during the pandemic, now that he is back at school, he is getting all his services in person.
  • Selective Mutism in Preschooler

    I second the Child Mind Institute. I have worked with one of the directors there when I had a second grader who went through this. I say went, because she did begin talking after about a year. (November 2016 review)
  • Developmental pediatrician recs?

    I second the Child Mind Institute. They were great and they are free. My oldest was diagnosed with ADHD via their study's neuropsych evaluation at the end of 1st grade, and we are currently working with them to get his diagnosis confirmed again so it's more recent for middle school applications.
  • Developmental pediatrician recs?

    Third vote for Child Mind Institute! They were great with our kid and our school was thrilled to receive their report.