Cheryl Pearlman, LCSW
Cheryl Pearlman, LCSW


Where do you feel stuck in your life? Do you have thoughts, feelings, behaviors or relationships that don’t feel right, yet you’re unable to change? As you and I work collaboratively, we will discover how and why you have become stuck – and what will make it safe to change. The outcome of this work is reduction in stress, greater self-acceptance, more fulfilling relationships, and the ability to make positive life-changes.

I also work with couples who are experiencing challenges in their relationships. I help couples have the conversations they need, in order to move forward. Our work focuses on repairing relationship wounds, strengthening communication, reducing the intensity of negative reactions, and building trust. As each partner shares their deeper longings and softer emotions, it creates an opening for a more connected relationship. 

I’m currently offering a complimentary phone consultation. To schedule your consultation, send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Reviews (7)

  • Cheryl Pearlman Psychotherapist for Individuals and Couples

    Cheryl is an absolutely wonderful couples therapist who I wouldn't hesitate to recommend (in fact, I've already told several friends about her). My husband and I were in a real rock bottom place when we started seeing her a few months ago, but she has helped us enormously and transformed our marriage. We've had therapy in the past but were not lucky enough to find a therapist that we liked as much as Cheryl. I wish all my friends with young children could benefit from sessions with Cheryl.
  • [ANONYMOUS] Eating Disorders: Therapist and Advice Needed

    Cheryl Pearlman is the therapist that my husband and I saw for marriage counseling but her expertise happens to be eating disorders - all kinds of eating disorders. If I am not mistaken, the first meeting might be free to see if there is compatibility for the patient. She is wonderful and is located in Kensington. (July 2014)
  • [ANONYMOUS] Couples therapist/therapy ideas

    I highly recommend Cheryl Perlman, who works with the EFT "Emotional Focused Therapy" approach. She is smart, warm and non-judgemental. She creates an environment where parties can open up and feel safe to discuss conflicts and concerns.
  • [ANONYMOUS] Couples therapist/therapy ideas

    I second the recommendation for Cheryl Pearlman - (718) 972-5202. She saved our marriage by helping up learn how to communicate effectively in her office and outside of her office. She is has a warm and gentle demeanor and her approach to issues using EFT (emotional focused therapy) was non-judgemental and allowed us to talk to one another with a little redirection at times.
  • Review from Q1 Therapist Reviews Survey

    Specializes in eating problems ( compulsive eating) and in Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy My partner and I saw Cheryl many years ago when we were really struggling with issues in our relationship. Cheryl really helped us. Over the years, we have returned to her during times of crisis or stress. Cheryl has helped us to work through problems in the relationship as well as to learn how better to communicate and work through new issues as they arise.
  • ISO Therapist for Eating Issues

    I wanted to add to my email with a local recommendation... Cheryl Pearlman is also a graduate of the Women's Therapy Centre Institute and practices in Brooklyn (Kennsington). FYI: Shes listed under Mental Health on PSP. Her # is 7189725202. I would definitely have your husband reach out to her. The WTCI truly understands binge eating disorders and how to deal with this issue. Hope this helps... August 2012
  • (no subject)

    She has helped bring my marriage, which was completely in crisis and rapidly disintegrating , back to a loving communicative state. She is lovely and ever so helpful in re-opening the lines of flowing communication...but doesn't accept insurance. Good luck. It's a hard road...hang in there. (September 2011)