Chef Collective
Chef Collective


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Reviews (2)

  • Winter CSA share or aggregated "farm delivery" service

    We started using Chef Collective ( recently. They used to supply restaurants with farm-fresh produce, cheese etc and pivoted to private customers when the restaurant business dried up during lockdown. Not the cheapest option perhaps, but the quality is great and other than veggies, the cheese selection is awesome. I especially like the avocado box (although not local obv) which is put together so you get avocados of all different firmness, some ready immediately and some in a few days, and also the "mystery cheese" is always fun. They deal directly with farmers, cheesemongers and other providers and support them with various initiatives.
  • Grocery recommendation - Chef Collective

    For anyone looking for reliable, quality grocery delivery, check out Chef Collective - It's a small business and they'll deliver next-day for orders placed before 5p. They typically supply some of the best restaurants and gourmet food shops in the city, but without those clients, they've pivoted to contactless home delivery, with great options for produce, meat, dairy, cheese/charcuterie.