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Reviews (7)

  • Review from the Spring 2023 Birthing Survey

    What month and year was your child born? August 2022 Review: Great class to take after 32nd-ish week. Appreciated even on zoom.
  • Doula recommendations?

    Chantal Traub is amazing. She was at the births of both our kids. Cannot recommend her enough
  • Doula recs?

    I second chantal ! She was great, compassionate and caring with the birth of our son almost 3years ago
  • Doula recs?

    I highly recommend Chantal Traub She was present at the birth of both our children, and gave fantastic pre and post care. She is local (Windsor Terrace)
  • Doula Recommendation

    I used Chantal as my doula - she was amazing! She lives in Windsor Terrace
  • [Summer2016Babies] Doula Recs

    All about Chantal Traub!
  • Re: DOULA ADVICE-- Let us have it!

    Having a doula present was one of the best decisions I made! I am not a great advocate for myself in the best of times, so having someone there who could speak up for me when I was too tired or miserable was such a boon. I went into labor at 2am and had really tough back labor and nauseau. Chantal Traub, our doula, was at the house by 3:30am and rode with us to the hospital, putting pressure on my back the whole way! She knew the nurses at Sinai and was able to speed us through assessment and into a room. She helped keep me hydrated and off pain killers for as long as I could take it. I had our baby at 6pm that day and Chantal was away from my side for maybe an hour... She followed up promptly with a reassuring post-partum visit. She was everything I hoped: Warm, reassuring, firm when she needed to be, and just very kind. All that said, if you have a partner or friend who can be that reassuring presence or if you are someone who knows exactly what she wants and needs, then a doula could be superfluous. It's a very subjective thing! Hope this helped!