Champions Martial Arts South Park Slope
Champions Martial Arts South Park Slope


Champions Martial Arts is offering you Taekwondo program for Age 3years and up.

To provide you with more high quality lessons, class schedules are divided by age group.

▪Little Tigers for 3~5years
▪Children Taekwondo for 6~12yrs
▪Teen & Adult Martial Arts for 13 years and up
▪︎Kickboxing for 18 years and up

Since 2 schools are running on 7 avenue between 10 and 11 street, you can have more convenient times for classes!

Your discount: $20 off

Park Slope Parents members can have $20 off on our 4 weeks Martial Arts trial lessons with a FREE uniform ($99 at the door now)
Kickboxing for adult only is available at $19.95 for 3 classes with FREE gloves!
Please visit our Instagram(@Parkslopetkd) what we doing in our schools!
First-time customers only.Can only be used once per person.Not valid with other offers.Registration is available at the front desk.

Reviews (9)

  • Martial Arts Class for 5 year old

    I second the recommendation for Champions Martial Arts. My child goes to the south slope location (7th Ave between 10th and 11th) with Master Yoon and Master Yoo. He *loves* it!
  • Review from the Fall 2021 After School Survey

    How old was your child during the Fall 2021 semester? 5 and 7 When was your child enrolled in the program/at the facility? After school What kind of program is it? Taekwondo Review: I wanted to give a shout out to Champion Martial Arts South Slope. My kids began taking outdoor classes with them last year during the pandemic and have now continued in their studio this year. The masters are fantastic, so warm and accomodating yet also instill discipline and pride in hardwork from practicing. I cant say enough good things about how warm and wonderful this studio is and how great for my kids athletic ability but also their mental health over the past year and a half.
  • Outdoor martial arts?

    My kids do an outdoor taekwondo class in prospect park every friday and love it.
  • In Person Karate Class?

    We recently started the Friday outdoor classes with Champion Martial Arts South Park Slope. They have beginner classes in prospect park by the ballfields on fridays at 4 and 4:30 and my kids have been really enjoying it.
  • Anyone done Champions Martial arts camp- south slope

    My daughter hasn't done camp since pre-pandemic but she goes there for Saturday in person socially distanced Taekwondo lessons (red tip belt/leadership club level). From the outside looking in, it seems both locations on 7th Ave at 11th St are being kept clean with AC ventilation running and clear plastic hanging dividers between people. Weekend attendance has been low so it's usually a private lesson for her. She went to mini camp last year and enjoyed the activities and Korean lessons (we are not Korean but the teachers made it accessible). The teachers are warm and reassuring. I had a conversation with Master Yoon the other week about how they are all Korean-born and super comfortable wearing masks due to their upbringing (I hope it's not bigoted to say that). I still feel like outdoors is safer virus-wise but my daughter prefers their strong AC and seems to be able to get more actual movement in this way.
  • Anyone done Champions Martial arts camp- south slope

    My daughter is 5. She isn’t in the camp, but she is doing classes on Saturdays. They have very small group sizes, and the kids are isolated in these plastic cubicle-type contraptions. We’ve been really happy with them. They also continue to offer classes on Zoom, which my daughter did throughout the spring/early summer.
  • ISO recs for karate/martial arts for 11yo

    Hi! We are huge fans of Champions Martial Arts South Slope on 7th Ave and 11th Street for taekwondo. There are 3-4 masters per class working in small and large group with the kids. They are truly fantastic teachers and our 6 year old daughter loves it. They seem equally great with young kids and older kids as well.
  • Champions Martial Arts South Slope Summer Camp Feedback

    Hi! My son (now 4.75) has been going since February. He loves it. The Masters are wonderful and keep the kids engaged and learning. Highly recommend.
  • Martial arts for three year old

    We recently started with our 4 yr old at Champions Martial Arts at 7th Ave and 10th St, and I think they have a couple other locations. It’s fantastic! They do “tae kwon do” - definitely in finger quotes, no one getting any black eyes or kicked in the head. They do a nice job getting kids to focus on following directions and starting to learn some self control.