Challenge Early Intervention Center
Challenge Early Intervention Center



Provides comprehensive evaluations, speech/physical/occupational therapies, and service coordination for developmentally delayed infants and toddlers, special instruction, nutrition, and family counseling/training. Also, ABA services for children on the autism spectrum. Services can be provided at our center or community based locations (day care center or child's home). Social services department helps families access other services such as respite, SSI, Medicaid and WIC. Medical referrals available. All services, including comprehensive developmental evaluation and transportation, are provided at no cost to the family.

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  • Challenge Early Intervention?

    Parents can self refer to any early intervention program of their choosing. If you feel more comfortable using Early Sprouts, you can call and request a physical therapy evaluation for your child. Both providers are great. Challenge is based a little deeper in Brooklyn and offers a lot of services for children, and has wonderful facilities if needed. Early Sprouts is a slightly smaller company used by a lot of local parents. Both choices are good and should help walk you through the process.
  • Challenge Early Intervention?

    Hi. I was referred there for my son who wasn't pulling to stand at the time. I liked it. They were easy to schedule with, and the evaluation itself seemed good and comprehensive.
  • Challenge EI

    Hi, we have been using challenge for well over a year, and it’s been totally fine. Also recommended by our ped. I really like our coordinator - her name is Chaya. She did just go on maternity leave, but she put us in the hands of a woman Faye who also seems very nice. One really important thing to keep in mind – you don’t have to exclusively use providers from Challenge. For example, we could not find an OT for many months - we went 7 mos with no services and ended up doing private for a time until Chaya finally found us someone. She contacted every single EI agency in the BK & Manhattan and kept following up til we got someone. All the agency has to do is an extra bit of paperwork on the backend – it doesn’t affect the family. We have used people from challenge, early sprouts, theracare, Etc etc. I also had moms from various PSP and FB groups recommend particular therapists to me. I would contact those therapists and, if availability lined up, I’d send their information to Chaya to set it up. Voila! So I really wouldn’t worry too much about what agency you choose. I’d say the only negatives about Challenge are: it is a schlep each time we had to go for the review processes at their south BK location, they’re never on time for said appts, and their providers can’t work on any Jewish holidays. That said, the positives outweighed they negative for us!
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    Recommended by PSP Member without review