Center for Anti-Violence Education
Center for Anti-Violence Education


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Reviews (2)

  • ISO: Self Defense Course

    The Center for Anti-Violence Education has self-defense courses on 5th Ave and 7th (or is it 6th?). Both my girls took classes and got a lot out of it.
  • Review from Birthday Party Survey, 2010

    Age of Child 5 Reason for Choice: In my price range, conveniently located Likes: We had full run of the space and could do whatever we wanted. And my son wanted to run around and be rowdy with his friends, so it was perfect. Changes: While it would have been nice if the building had an elevator, the walk to the 2nd FL wasn't that bad. Not included in the Party Package: invitations, food for kids, party bags, cake, Cost Per Child: 0-$10 DO you recommend? (Choices: Highly/Recommend/DoNot) Highly recommend Other Info: The Center offers great raw space, especially if you want a "home" style party with more room than home, and for kids to be able to run around and make noise/take up space. They have a separate conference room that works well to set up as a food area