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Cattitude Bed and Breakfast for Pets / Taryn Hunter / Cattitude Street Strutters


Taryn Hunter runs a little B & B for cats (and dogs) out of her home. She has a room set aside for them, but they are also free to roam around her apartment as well. She also does in-home pet sitting. Most importantly, she loves animals and works part-time at a vet's office in addition to her full-time work at a local college. So she's very informed about pet behavior, health, etc.

Reviews (14)

  • ISO: cat sitter that can administer meds

    We’ve been using Cattitude Street Strutters for about a decade now and love them. We’re on our second regular cat sitter from them at this point, so the people who work there stay there for a long time, and they have specialty sitters who can administer meds or handle any other specialty needs. I also just really love that they make it easy to book online and request your usual sitter (once you’ve done the home walkthrough etc).
  • Amazing Cat Sitter??

    I’ve been using the team at Cattitude for years and can’t recommend them enough! Our current regular sitter is Keisha and she’s great, the cats are always in a good mood when we return from trips and I love the photos they provide. But everyone from Taryn’s team over the years has been fantastic and as a company they’re super responsive and can help out in a pinch.
  • Cat Sitter Rec for 11/16-11/21 (not live in)

    I have been using Brooklyn Cattitude for years and cannot say enough nice things about them. Once a sitter bought me cat food because I'd forgotten to replenish it!!
  • Cat Sitter Rec for 11/16-11/21 (not live in)

    We’ve been using Brooklyn Cattitude for periodic vacations over the years, and have been happy with their reliable service.
  • ISO recommendations for a cat sitting service

    We've been happy with Brooklyn Cattitude. They are very flexible with scheduling.
  • Pet Sitter

    We always use Brooklyn Cattitude (Taryn Hunter) our cat who does not like to travel in a carrying case and so usually stays home and gets visited by Taryn
  • Re: ISO: Cat sitter

    We’ve used Brooklyn Catitude in the past and were very happy with them.
  • Re: ISO cat sitter dec 25-30

    I randomly found Taryn Hunter on Yelp a few years ago and she's great!
  • Re: ISO Cat Sitter?

    We have had great luck with Taryn at Cattitude. She sends text updates with pictures and is very loving and attentive. (May 2015)
  • Cat sitter

    No question, Taryn Hunter at Cattitude is the best! She had a key to our place for years and took loving care of our animals. She really goes above and beyond. Highly recommend. (November 2014)
  • Cat sitter

    Taryn Hunter of Brooklyn Cattitude. She's taken loving care of our cats for years! (November 2014)
  • Cat sitter

    Taryn Hunter at Cattitude is an awesome cat sitter. I've used her for 3 years for my two cats, also in North Slope. She even sends texts with pictures so you know everything is ok. (November 2014)
  • (no subject)

    Taryn is a caring and loving cat sitter. She truly loves animals and took excellent care of my two cats. She spent time playing with them each time she visited. She also sent me a text message update and picture daily. She can give pets medicine or other medical care. One of my cats needed IV fluid and she was able to give her the IV with no problem. I highly recommend Taryn!
  • (no subject)

    I just wanted to second all the positive things said about Taryn Hunter. She took care of our cats twice this summer when we are on vacation. We opted for her to come to our home and feed them and clean the litter box, and she did a great job. She is reliable and she even sent a picture of our cat while we were on vacation. Taryn is very personable and knows a lot about animals. I also found her rates to be very reasonable.