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Tree Removal & Arborists

Please note:

TREE PRUNING SHOULD NOT BE CHEAP! You do not want to have someone prune a tree who is not a licensed professional. You will end up with (at best) an ugly tree and (at worst) something incredibly dangerous over time. You must hire a licensed arborist if you care about the tree, or if the tree is large. There is no way around that. 

WHEN CAN YOU GO CHEAP? However, if you don't care about the tree, if it's small, if you're removing it, you can go cheap. You can hire anyone who knows how to safely use a chainsaw. Someone safely using a chainsaw looks like this:  00001 1q1bfeo

And a reminder—please make sure anyone you hire is insured! My mom had someone who trimmed her trees and was injured on the job. His boss didn’t have adequate insurance and the worker came back a few months later wanting my mom to put the injury on her home owners’ insurance.


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Urban Arborists

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